Saturday, November 19, 2011

Strange Things Occurring in Google Maps 2011

Listen, nearly everyone in the world could spend an entire day perusing Google Maps. It’s the fastest and least expensive way to ‘see the world,’ and is amazingly FUN!  Chances are you, just like everyone else in this world - has looked up your old addresses (and addresses of the exes) simply to see if the mysterious Google Maps has caught a chance shot of you sun bathing, or at least features your car parked in front of your house.   The truth is that with the randomness of Google Map photography often shot from satellites hovering in space, there are apt to be some pretty strange and amazing things captured by the camera responsible for documenting the digital globe. 

Of course, there are crop circles.  And plenty of them.  Whether you believe that they were placed there by aliens are not, the bottom line is they are awesome to look at.  One in particular located in Speen, United Kingdom Berkshire is an awesome piece of artwork, so unique it had to be created by celestial beings.  Another picture from Stainborough – also in the United Kingdom is extremely vast and covers hundreds of acres.  And of course, one from the United States is a picture of Oprah’s head.  Does this mean she is the next celebrity to be abducted by aliens?

There are also quite a lot of pictures of beautiful sand art created by what must be budding artists hoping to get their canvasses picked up by Google satellites.  Additionally, National Geographic teamed up with Google Maps in 2011 and has created amazing imagery of animals and cultures all over the world in their natural state.  Whether you want to see a lone elephant in Chad – or see camels wandering through the desert, you are sure to get your scientific fix.

Speaking of science, Google maps has also captured some things that defy scientific thinking.  There are plenty of pictures of what seem to be angels, ghosts and other beings from the other side of life captured from around the globe.  But of course, even as Google Maps 2011 will label these things as angels, they also admit it could simply be a bug or smudge on the camera lens.  Interesting nonetheless.  You should check them out yourself; some may make a believer out of you.

Other things captured by Google Maps 2011 are just downright strange.  How about a ship that seems to be parked between two buildings in Hong Kong?  There is also a plane that seems to be parked on top of a building and a strange triangle located in Fort Kissimmee Florida that looks like it has a target laid out.  (But a target for what, is the question).  One picture from a lake in Amiens, France could have caught a glimpse of a gigantic sea creature, while on Mongolia – out in the middle of nowhere, there is an obvious drawing of something.  (No one knows for sure what it is, or what it means!)

Essentially Google Maps 2011 has become so adept at taking pictures; there are endless possibilities for finding amazing sights and strange occurrences within the maps.  Luckily, some sites including Google Maps, will allow you to mark and document them if you happen to run across something mysterious.  A word to the wise however.  If you are planning to take a closer look at the President or Vice Presidents residence (or military operations), those views have all been pixilated.  Enjoy finding more strange things at Google Maps.

Frank Anderson writes for blogs and spends his days searching the Internet for fascinating stuff.  He also conducts email exchange hosting training sessions to help people understand the technology better.