Friday, November 18, 2011

Rodent Extermination – Choose Your Poison

When you’re facing a rodent problem, it can be rather daunting to decide exactly what the best course of action is. The two main types of rodent control product are traps and poisons, also known as rodenticides. There are advantages and drawbacks to each variety of products, and this article will walk you through some of the issues that may arise when using either one.

First we will start with traps, which are one of the oldest and most time tested types of rodent control.  The basic rat trap has been around for centuries and will aid in any situation where getting rid of mice and rats is the focus, although it is best suited to smaller infestations or those that are occurring in a limited space. There are two types of traps available:
  • Lethal traps
  • non-lethal traps
If you’re having no trouble with rodents getting into your food it might be a good idea to go with a non-lethal solution, although you will have to be more vigilant and make sure you check the traps regularly so that they can be emptied.

If however you have a widespread infestation or the animals are contaminating your food then you may well need to use lethal traps to end the problem, again they must be checked and emptied regularly to do the most good.

In addition to traps, there are numerous types of poisons that can be a useful tool in the fight against rodents. The first of the two types of rodenticide is classified as acute because of its quick method of action and the strength of the main ingredients. This is most commonly used during large and overwhelming infestations where the numbers of rodents have to be reduced quickly to bring the entire problem under control.

The second form of product is known as chronic rodenticides, and these act more slowly over the course of several days to kill large numbers of rodents. The main advantage in using chronic products is that they are far less toxic to humans and other mammals than the acute products and therefore can be applied in a more widespread fashion and with less concern over the possibility of cross-contamination.

Be Clean
Whichever method you choose, whether it is traps or poison, there is one thing that should be the crux of any rodent extermination program, and that is cleanliness. Because all rodents are attracted to available food, every care should be taken to ensure that any trash or unused food is either disposed of or put away in a sealed container so as not to entice rodents or other pests. By doing this in combination with the other methods listed, the path to a pleasant rodent free home is quite simple.

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