Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reading For Roller Coasters~!!

Six Flags and Discovery Education are extending their Reading For Roller Coasters incentive~!!

The two companies are joining together for the 2012 Read to Succeed Campaign, an on-line educational program designed to inspire school aged children to read.  
Students who complete a six hour of NON-SCHOOL related literature, such as, comic books, novels, picture books etc. are eligible to earn themselves a FREE admissions ticket to any participating Six Flags theme park through the 2012 season.

Registration is NOW open at the Read to Succeed website.  As well, teachers who have 10 or more students participating are ALSO eligible to earn a FREE parks admission ticket.

For over 20 years, Six Flags, with 19 locations across the US, Canada and Mexico, has worked to promote literacy amongst children.