Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quick and Easy Table Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding

The table decorations at your wedding do not have to be a chore. They can be quick and easy without having to sacrifice beauty or style. On your special day, you're bound to be quite busy and won't appreciate having to spend hours on the centrepieces. With these ideas, your reception tables will match the theme of your unique wedding without breaking the bank or causing a migraine.

Place a bowl or basket of seasonal fruit on each table. Find some inexpensive containers on clearance or at a discount store, and spray paint them to match your personal colour scheme. For example, if your wedding is in the fall, you can fill the bowls with apples or pears. A winter wedding could include fresh cut greenery, candy canes, and figs. These beautiful centrepieces will give the guests something to look at and something to eat!

Tulle table runners with floral arrangements can be as elaborate or simple as you choose. You can simply lay the piece of tulle across the table and sprinkle the flowers across, or you could create elaborate floral bouquets and layered tulle. By using the same flowers as the bridal party bouquets, you do not have to worry about straying from the theme. To make this idea even simpler, skip the tulle. Just find some pre-made floral arrangements to spruce up the table. Just be careful of tall, slender pieces that may tip if the table is bumped or if the wedding is outdoors.

Don't think that flowers are the only option. Shells, sand, and candles are soothing and unique pieces to display. In the middle of each table, sprinkle a mound of sand. Arrange the shells and candles to your own liking. Even some polished rocks could add a touch of natural beauty. They could then be returned to nature or kept as mementos with inspirational words of love painted on them. To light up this display, you could have a large pillar candle or several tea lights. Do a practice run before the day of the wedding so that you and your helpers know exactly how to lay out the elements so the tables match.

This same technique can be used with petals. Sand and shells may not work well if the wedding is not beach-themed, but flowers are fool proof. Arrange the petals, buds, or whole flowers into swirls, hearts, or randomly and adorn with tea lights.

Don't underestimate the power of the simplicity of "going green." Stemware, wine bottles, sparkling cider, and folded napkins can be arranged beautifully on the tables, and will be practical as the night wears on.

Another "go green" option that may be cheaper would be to create a type of tank for each table. Fill a clear bowl with water, layer coloured rocks on the bottom, and sprinkle flowers to float on top.

If you're the type of bride that wants something more "fun" than romantic, there are options. Mirrors, confetti, and balloon bunches are cheap and easy to set up. Lay some mirrors flat on the tables, sprinkle the confetti, and place a balloon bunch in the centre. By scattering a few candles on the mirror, the reflection will come to life.

For the ultimate simple centrepiece, purchase pre-made wreaths to lay out flat and place a candle in the middle. Wreaths are not just for the Christmas season. They can be made to match any colour scheme or theme. They also make great keepsakes for the bridal party when the night is over.

With everything else you have to stress about, table decorations should not extend that list. Use one of these quick and easy ideas, or modify them to make them more uniquely you.

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