Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Florida Archaeological Holidays Are Memorable

Florida archaeological holidays are often featured on television shows that are devoted to unusual trip destinations. This corner of the United States offers an abundance of ultra-modern hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions; however, it is the ancient archaeology that some travellers find most enjoyable. About 200-million years ago, the African lands bumped into Florida lands as our globe was forming; Florida holds some exciting finds for the people who enjoy hunting for fossils and relics. Guides and tours are offered.

Florida offers unique fossil hunting expeditions:

The Florida peninsula in the United States was under water during the age of dinosaurs. Scientists have determined that Florida has been submerged under seawater at least 25 times since forming. There are fossils of ancient sea creatures in unusual places all over the state of Florida. Some of the first animals in Florida that have left us fossils include a variety of giant armadillo, very tiny horses and bear-like sloth. Travellers can ask their trip agents to locate a fossil hunting excursion nearby to the Orlando, Florida hotels.

Travellers often choose to stay in Orlando, Florida due to the Disney World attractions. Even in Disney World there are safari themed attractions, think of Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park atmospheres. It is possible for visitors to experience all of the theme-park fun in this area, and also have time to enjoy hunting for fossils in this area. Fossil hunts often include visiting remote sections of this area where rivers are washing treasures away from their banks. When people are packing for an excursion of this nature, it is important to remember that this section of America has snakes, spiders and reptiles that require solid shoes. Despite being in the presence of dangerous animals and insects, it only makes the experience more genuine and something anyone could take away from. Live life on the edge but stay safe.

Florida fossil hunts should always be arranged through a proper tour guide or group to avoid troubles with authorities. America has laws that the fossil tour guides are aware of that can save visitors from unpleasant fines and possible time in jail. The Orlando area of Florida has structured fossil tours, professional clubs and local college outings that your trip advisor can arrange for you to join. The month of March is the best fossil month in Florida for weather, and many fossil-oriented activities are scheduled early in the year.

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