Friday, November 11, 2011

Feng Shui - Your Living Room

Ideally, your living room will fall within your Feng Shui pleasure enrichment zones.  Yet if it does not, or you have not aligned your paths according to the best principles and advice of the ancient Chinese art of Feng-Shui and its experienced practitioners –then you will some interior design arrangement and decorating functions on hand.

In the vast majority of people’s homes, living areas and even workplaces the basic structure and layout of your room and rooms will be roughly and basically rectangular – that is four sided.

Traditionally in our “western” cultures the traditionally held western style arrangement of the furnishings of any such room at hand, would be in most cases to line up the furniture parallel with the 4 walls.  Instead be creative and above the ordinary.  Try something new and creative.  As a test and trial try incorporating the octagonal Pah Kwa shape into the arrangement of your furniture. Indeed you may well find that it makes everything seem that much warm, warmer and cozier.  You will be left with corners where you can place lamps or plants, light as well as light remedies. Any and all of these procedures and tactics will well liven up and reinvigorate any Ch’i that may be prone to stagnate.
In a traditional Chinese home, the living room would have a fire as its main focus and centerpiece.  Nowadays in many homes and living rooms there is a tendency to place a TV – that is a television as that center piece.  Yet if you think of it television itself is a one way black hole. It draws people’s attention into it.  TV is not medium or media of social interaction.  People can watch 10 hours of TV with friends and family and have “nothing to talk about”.  TV is not a medium which promotes social interaction or growth no matter what the network executives will tell you.  Hence having a TV as your center point in your living room may be just bad Feng Shui.  Experiment with moving the TV to a more remote area – or perhaps even banishing it to another room entirely. This may be your wisest choice of all.

Some people have “smartened up” and have removed this time and energy waster entirely from their lives.  It’s amazing to other people.  It’s as if they have broken a law of the universe. Yet people lived well before TV and can live fine without it now.

Computers and social networks such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter to some degree can serve as a replacement. It can be said that via the internet you make friends and have discourse with people around the world via the internet whereas  you be absolutely 100 % guaranteed that you will never make a friend – female or male , social or romantic by watching TV. Feng Shui!

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