Thursday, November 17, 2011

Famous Jewellery disasters

Famous jewellery disasters
Glossy magazines and TV shows are full of tips on how to wear the latest fashion trends but there is little advice available on how to wear jewellery. Perhaps that explains why so many celebrities are known for their jewellery faux pas. For most of us the word, "bling" has negative connotations but it seems many celebrities aspire to "bling" greatness. You only have to look at the celebs at red carpet events to understand why the price of gold remains high. Yet, with just a small amount of taste and some expert advice they could be wearing their gold and silver costume jewellery with style.

Let's start with earrings. There are some beautiful earrings around that flatter the face, enhance a hairstyle and complement a necklace and a stylish outfit. Perhaps someone should have whispered in the ear of EastEnders' Pat Butcher. The character brought to life by actress, Pat St. Clement is renowned for her large and loud earrings. Pat's problem is wearing the big and colourful earrings with equally loud outfits. Go for a statement with jewellery or clothing but not both.

Unsurprisingly, many famous jewellery disasters were sported by men but we can still learn by their mistakes. Rap and hip-hop stars seem to top the list, taking "bling" to extremes. Rap star and TV personality, Flavor Flav is known for his gold crown and his clock necklace, usually worn at the same time. At more than 50 years old, Mr Flav should know better and stick with some understated silver costume jewellery instead.

The hip-hopper, Slick Rick piles on the big gold chains and medallions and Welsh band, Goldie Lookin' Chain complete their ironic "chav" look by wearing several cheap looking rings and chains with their tracksuits. At least GLC wear their gold with deliberate irony but surely Slick Rick's stylist should teach him that less is more.

It's not just edgy pop stars who favour quantity over quality. Middle aged media personality, David Gest is often seen sporting a Goth style in both his clothing and jewellery, with large silver crucifixes slung around his neck. Sadly, however, the silver costume jewellery and the overall look fail to convince on this bearded celebrity. Actor, Laurence Tureaud has made the A Team's Mr T another personality known more for his excessive number of gold chains than his skills and talent.

Older celebrities appear to be particularly prone to jewellery disasters. The late great Jimmy Saville loved to wear the tracksuit and gold chains and medallions combination so ironically imitated by GLC. Mr Saville ran many marathons to raise money for various charities but one assumes he removed the gold neck jewellery first!

Horse racing commentator, John McCririck favours rings and is another celebrity in "less is more" denial. With each finger sporting a ring in a variety of metals and styles, he might just get away with this very individual style, were it not for his trademark tweed jacket, deerstalker hat and big sideburns.

Speaking of rings, someone should talk to socialite, Paris Hilton. Her huge diamond encrusted ring bearing the initials BM for her boyfriend Benji Madden was much photographed but was greatly lacking in taste. Silver costume jewellery can make a statement without being obviously over the top.

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