Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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Dead Ringer by William Cone

In 1944, the shadows of defeat are stretching over Nazi Germany, but deep within the Third Reich, Hitler's scientists successfully test a new weapon of incredible power ~ an atomic bomb.  Allied intelligence reports indicate more of these weapons will soon be assembled and loaded aboard a German U~Boat.  The submarine's mission is uncomplicated ~ destroy London and bring the Allies to their knees.  A riveting tale of intrigue, valour and sacrfice, Dead Ringer, presents the desperate struggle of a world on the brink and those who risk everything to save it.

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Shadow of the Moon ~ Book One of The Great Land by Karah Quinney

During the time of long cold, people lived upon a land filled with ice and snow.  Those that lived upon the great land survived by banding together to fight against the forces of nature.

Warriors protect the land that provides food and shelter for their villages.  One village uses deadly force to lay claim to the hunting ground that thas long been shared by all.

A brave hunter captures the beloved daughter of the village leader in retaliation for the atrocities committed against his band.  As they traverse the primordial forests and cross the treacherous sea ice they face untold dangers in an epic struggle for survival.

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The Howling III by Gary Brandner

They are man.  And they are beast.
Once again they stalk the night, eyes aflame, teeth flashing in vengeance.
Malcolm is the young one.  He must choose between the familiar way of the human and the seductive howling of the wolf.  Those who share his blood want to make him one of them.
Those who fear him want him dead.
Only one woman and one man want to help him.
Even though they can't believe their ears.  Or their eyes.

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Behind The Fairy Tale by Neeraj Chand

A short story.  
A father tells his daughter a bed time story with an unexpected twist.  
A twist that she may not be ready for...

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Novelizing The Ancient Indus Valley by Vasant Dave

Starting from why the author preferred novelizing the Indus Valley Civilization, the book discusses how Pre~Historic fiction can generate interest just like other genres.  The author's novel "Trade Winds To Meluhha" is comared with all the earlier novels based on Indus Valley Civilization.  How the author created Pre~Historic characters including his women characters is elaborated.  Lastly, major controversies around the Indus Valley civilization are noted and how the author has attempted to avoid them is recounted.

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Jesus:  A Life Story by SGM Lifewords

A refugee, a carpenter's apprentice, a teacher, a friend.  A hero, a pariah, a criminal.  The Son of God.  There has never been anyone like Jesus, and his life and teaching echo down through history.  Jesus:  A Life Story is exactly that, an account of Jesus' life from Christmas to Easter to the resurrection, told in the Bible's own words.  The book uses extracts from all four gospels to complete the story, and divides the narrative into four 'acts' to make it easy to follow.  It's perfect for those who want to read more about Jesus, or it could be used for personal reflection or group study.

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The Trophy Trap by Emma Laybourn

It's a huge, silver, table~tennis trophy, and it has Abby's name on it.  So she's devastated when her brother Liam gets to keep it first.  He won't even let her take it into school for Prize Assembly.

So Abby decides to steal the trophy back ~ and revenge herself on Liam.  But neither task proves easy, especially since Abby tends to leave a trail of disaster in her wake.  And when the moment comes for her revenge, things take an unexpected turn...

A fast and funny chapter book for ages 8 and over.

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Katz Tales:  How Boris the Cat was Reunited with His Family by Ellen Whyte

This is the story of a true miracle.

Read how Boris the cat got lost for over a year and how he was finally reunited with his family who were living 400 km away.

Guaranteed to make you smile~!!

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