Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: The Shadows of Arthur's Kingdom by Donald D. Kennedy III and Alice C. Kennedy

The Shadows of Arthur's Kingdom by Donald D. Kennedy III & Alice C. Kennedy

Paperback:  208 pages
Publisher:  CreateSpace (September 28, 2011)
Language:  English


This is an epic fantasy novel about a wanna~be Royal Knight of King Arthur's famed Round Table, fire~breathing dragons, a dangerous quest, battles, castles, and a self~willed, curious Princess.

The plot is captivating and compelling.  Readers young and old can enjoy this read~!!  This epic King Arthur fantasy novel is sure to bring out the kid in all of us~!!  Originally conceived for ages 9~13, readers young and old are enjoying this epic tale of adventure and bravery.

My thoughts:

I thought this was an interesting book in the fact that it was originally written by a twelve year old and polished up by his mother.  I enjoyed the idea of a mother/son combination team working together to accomplish such a feat.

I found the characters were likeable however, I found they lacked any real depth to their definition.  I found the story's plot flowed rather quickly leaving out details that would've enhanced the flavour of the novel in a much more grandeur way.

Sardius is the main character, along with his lion consort and weapons trainer, Judah.  Sardius has always dreamed of becoming a Knight of the Round Table, but no one from his village lacked any definite bravado and most lived their lives simply.  

When Delugio, an evil mage and his feared dragon, Feng Ferion arrive, the people of the kingdom are frightened and prepare for their defense.  However, Princess Gabriella was a curious girl and wished to see a dragon up close and becomes kidnapped.  Now all in the land go off in search of the lost Princess until one by one, they all fail.

The book is in a large~print style so that even readers who are beginning their journey into imagination can enjoy.

I thought the plot was enjoyable but lacked depth and description and I would've liked to have been able to get inside the heads of the characters a little more in order to feel for their quest.  However, I am speaking from an adult's point of view and I am quite certain many young readers are going to thoroughly enjoy this read.

I would give The Shadows of Arthur's Kingdom a three out of five stars.

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