Monday, November 7, 2011

What is the Best Sandwich?

Everyone has their own favourite sandwich. Some like their sandwiches simple; butter and peanut butter on thick, fresh white bread is undoubtedly a classic. Some prefer more complex flavours; roasted chicken, chorizo and rocket in a ciabatta baguette is a delicious, contemporary sandwich. Whatever your tastes, hopefully this article will inspire you to explore the wonderful world of sandwiches; what is your favourite?

Salt Beef on Rye

An American classic, salt beef on rye bread is a delicious and popular sandwich (especially in the delis of New York!). Unlike European sandwiches, these are often filled with copious amounts of meat; you can’t be shy of red meat when consuming one of these American behemoths. American deli culture has cultivated huge slabs of bread filled with large sums of cold cut meats. They aren’t a quantity over quality affair; the standard of sandwich is often very high, and taste is delivered en masse. The UK is starting to take note of the American salt beef revolution; several popular establishments have opened in the London capital, specialising in salt beef sandwiches!

The Monte Cristo

Another unadulterated American institution, the Monte Cristo isn’t for those on a diet! This is truly an indulgent sandwich, mixing sweet with savoury. Completely submerged in egg batter before being fried, grilled or baked, the monte cristo usually contains ham or turkey (or both) and cheese. It is then dusted with powdered sugar or yoghurt. Everybody should try a properly prepared monte cristo, although it’s definitely not for those on a strict diet!

The Humble Crisp Sandwich

A favourite amongst UK school children, the crisp sandwich couldn’t be any simpler to make. You simply take the sandwich prepared by your mum, out of your lunch, deconstruct, and fill with crisps before reconstructing. The crisps add crunch and flavour to an otherwise bland ham or tuna sandwich! Cheese and Onion is often a favourite filling, but even the underrated Ready Salted can add the much needed crunch! Crisps have always been a great side to sandwiches, but when combined as one, they’re even better!

The three contrasting sandwiches above represent the diversity of sandwiches available to us. Never be afraid to experiment when creating your sandwiches; don’t feel restricted to meat, salad and bread. Take an unorthodox approach to building your sandwiches; who knows, you may discover the next Monte Cristo (although there will undoubtedly be some disasters along the way!).

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