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The Western Coast of Canada – Travelling in Beautiful British Columbia

Canadian Province of British Columbia lies in the western part of Canada, between the majestic Rocky Mountains and Pacific Ocean. Natural beauty and architectural gems Vancouver and Victoria, which is the province’s capital, offer an unmatched tourist destination.

British Columbia has a huge territory, which can easy include the states of California, Oregon and Washington, all together between its borders.  British Columbia has an estimated population of only 4.5 millions. More than half of population, almost 2.5 millions live in Greater Vancouver, which is one of the greatest cities of the world.

With such a small population and a vast territory, British Columbia can offer a range of outdoor adventures.

The magic of wilderness can be found everywhere, in the giant rain forests, among the chain of islands that stretch along the Pacific Coast, on the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains and on battered by storms shores. Those who are adventurous people and want to explore this western part of Canada can do that, hiking mountain trails, skiing and paddling on its river stormy waters.

Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada
Besides its natural beauty, British Columbia (BC) is famous for its many hot springs, most of them situated in wonderful landscapes. Some of these incredible locations have been developed into modern resort destinations.

We list some of them: “Harrison Hot Springs”, “Meager Creek Hot Springs”, “Fairmont Hot Spring Resort”, “Ainsworth Hot Springs”, “Canyon Hot Springs”, etc.

Wineries in British Columbia, Canada
There are two distinct wine-growing regions in British Columbia.
  1. One in “Vancouver Island” – the coastal area of this great island
  2. The other one in “Similkameen Valleys” and “Okanagan Valleys” especial in the “Osoyoos” area, which is situated in the southern part of British Columbia
Wineries have planted their land with ones of the best vines and have modern equipment. The British Columbia wine industry is growing and wines made in B.C. are required worldwide.

Marinas in British Columbia
What is the most characteristic thing for B.C.?

However you travel, on waterways, byways or highways, anytime you can find a shelter just waiting for you in the waters of B.C.

Marinas in B.C. offer tranquility, safety and all the comfort possible. Let’s name some of them: Marinas in Greater Victoria, in Greater Vancouver, on Vancouver Island and BC Gulf Islands, in Thompson Okanagan.

However, what scenery from the entire world can match British Columbia’ incredible scenery such as deep inside fjords, inlets, hundreds and hundreds of islands and all guarded by majestic Rocky Mountains, not to mention the mild temperate climate.

British Columbia Parks & Trails
People from British Columbia have a cult in protecting and maintaining the environment. We must not forget that the international movement “Greenpeace” began here, in Vancouver, in the early ’70.

Add to this the fact that British Columbia has a huge uninhabited territory and then you will not wonder that this Canadian province has more than 900 Regional Parks, Marines Parks, Provincial Parks, National Parks, Conservancies, Protected Areas and Ecological Reserves.

Whale Watching – Vancouver & Vancouver Island
Where else in the world you can paddle among whales. There is no greater emotion than to watch these giants creatures swimming a few meters from you. From “Port Hardy” in the North of B.C. to “Vancouver” you can meet Gray whales, Humpback whales and Orcas (killer whales).

Come and See for Yourself
So, get ready for an unforgettable adventure, an amazing journey from “sea to sky”.  You will not regret.

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