Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Side Effects of Chewing Gum

All of us can’t imagine a world without chewing gums we are so addicted to it and it has been enjoyed by people of all ages. Below class room benches, behind movie seats, park benches, public transport, they are everywhere!

Most often we forget the fact that some gums also can cause certain side effects especially those chewing gums that contain artificial flavors and here is why.

Human body is not designed to chew regularly. This is due to the fact that there are some neurological mechanisms involved  in the chewing process. When you chew, your brain will  think that it is going to get food and it secretes digestive enzymes like Amylase in the mouth. This enzyme will break down the carbohydrates.This is the first stage of digestion. It then directs the gastrointestinal track and pancreas to secrete more enzymes like Protease and Lipase. These enzymes will break down the protein and fat. This artificial process can cause bloating.

When your digestive system is controlled, sometimes it can cause hormonal imbalances. Sometimes even your stomach may start producing Hydrochloric Acid. It can even lead to Acid Reflux Ulcers and Bruxism (teeth grinding and clinching).

It can even result in headaches in some people. Some people who chew often on one side, will have asymmetric faces. Sorbitol is a sweetener that is contained in many chewing gums. Sorbitol can trigger severe weight loss, abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

Many research reports have also proved that chewing gums can suppress appetite. Patients with acid reflux should not use chewing gums as it can erode teeth and damage the esophagus by reduce the amount of acid entering the esophagus. The sugar in chewing gums can also result in tooth decay. It can even lead to obesity and diabetes. There are also cases reported with stomach burns, ulcers and risks of different cancers due to the intake of chewing gums.

Chewing gums are also not good for children as swallowing chewing gums can result in constipation, diarrhea or esophageal obstruction. Many people have also suffered from severe weight loss, chronic diarrhea and other intestinal problems due to chewing gums.

Most of the time people use chewing gums for a mouth freshening effect instead of that they can use mouthwashes or electronic cigarettes. As most of the mouthwashes contain man made chemicals and artificial sweeteners you can use Hydrogen Peroxide Mouth washes which are extremely safe. This will enhances your oral hygiene and fights against tooth decays and plaque formation. If you are  a person who wants to get rid of  bad breath or stained teeth then you can use electronic cigarettes instead of chewing gums.

You can  even try chewing a whole clove or tea-tree-flavored toothpick.  These alternatives will definitely freshens your breath naturally and also help to fight bacteria in your mouth.

The author, Sizie Paulson is a retired vet who now runs a pet shop in her city. She recently launched a website on Worms in Cats with which provides easy solutions for dealing with worms for cat lovers! Thanks for reading this article.