Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pure Romance Review

When Pure Romance Founder and CEO Patty Brisben first decided to become a consultant selling bedroom accessories, she had never seen one before. She had no idea at the time that her decision would lead to a lifetime of helping women empower themselves, or to her running a multi-million-dollar corporation.

Each day, more than 100 employees arrive at the Pure Romance Offices in Loveland, Ohio, focused on providing support for their thousands of Consultants in the field. Whether packing and shipping the latest order, answering questions over the phone, planning the next Empowerment Summit, or brainstorming exciting names for new products, this is a team that works 9 to 5 so their Consultants don’t have to.
Pure Romance believes in spreading education and furthering awareness of women's sexual health issues. In addition to the charitable organizations to which they donate their time and money, Pure Romance works in conjunction with organizations that focus on everything from scientific research into women’s sexual health to the education of young women affected by breast cancer.

Honest discussion about sexuality may be accepted and even celebrated now, but things haven’t always been that way. Pure Romance is thrilled to continue doing their part to shift cultural perspective on many once taboo topics by helping women discover greater satisfaction in their relationships—not only through their extensive product line but also through their many outreach organizations.

Massages should be sensual, not strenuous! Take the work out of tender moments with the Super Deluxe Massage Mitten. Each unique side of the massage mitten is equipped with soft, feel great “nubbies” that caress and pamper with a sensual massaging touch. Great for memorable massages in and out of the bath, with a partner or by yourself!

My Thoughts~!!

I must be honest, when I first saw the massage mitt, I wasn't that impressed with it's "look" was kind of ugly but looks aren't always everything, as it TRULY works PERFECTLY.  After using the massage oil, I slathered up my husband and worked the aches and pains out of his back and shoulders.  He was GREATLY appreciative and he felt that the mitt worked much better than one's bare hand.  The nibs work into the skin and add an extra pressure that finger tips are unable to effectively work, unless you are practiced in the art.

The mitt has two thumb holes so that you are able to switch hands but the glove does get greasy from the oils being used so be careful where you set it when you are finished.  I found it very easy to clean and think using a soft toothbrush to be beneficial to clean near the bottom of the nibs without too much bending and scrubbing with a more abrasive object.

Everyone who tasted the products agreed that they tasted delicious with the Mint Cocoa being the favourite flavour, I preferred the Candy Cane and everyone agreed they could taste the caramel but not much of the apple in the other.  However, each had its appeal and none were terrible to taste.

The Naughty Cards were a cross between sweet and sensual and there are options on some for whatever comfort level you are attuned to.  I thought the novelty of them was neat and rubbing them like a scratch ticket was a fun concept.  They would make a great stocking stuffer for your loved one.

I love the message that Pure Romance is trying to convey, through education and understanding.  I think their charity work is to be commended and wish them continued success in all that they do~!!    I thought their pricing and shipping costs to be affordable and they ship to United States, Canada and Puerto Rico as well, SOME of you may be able to find a consultant listed in your area.

** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by I see it~!! **