Sunday, November 13, 2011

Great Wedding Reception Trends

Wondering what the latest trends are for wedding receptions? Wonder no more! These are some of the current hot trends for weddings.

One of the big decisions that couples have to make is between live music and a d.j. But wait, maybe you don't have to choose. A hot trend these days is to have both. Have a small band like a jazz combo for your cocktail hour and during dinner. Then when it is time to party, have a hot d.j. to get your guests running to the dance floor. The key part of this trend: hiring a real d.j. who spins actual records instead of just hitting play on an iPod.

Everyone loves cake. In fact, narrowing it down to just one cake can be hard. So don't; another hot reception trend these days is to have a wedding cake buffet. This concept works especially well for couples who are having a relaxed wedding and can't imagine having a formal tiered wedding cake at their celebration. A cake buffet is a great way to satisfy all tastes because you can have a wide selection of flavors. Three cakes is the minimum, but you could easily do five or seven cakes, with a slightly larger cake in the center of the display for the cake cutting ceremony. Think about what fun you will have choosing the flavors. Have one classic vanilla and one chocolate for the purists, then go wild with creative flavors like red velvet, Key lime with coconut frosting, cannoli, pumpkin spice with cream cheese frosting, strawberry cream, or whatever your heart desires.

Low centerpieces are making a comeback at weddings. They have several advantages over the very tall grand table arrangements which have been popular recently. For one thing, low centerpieces are easy to see over, which makes conversation easier. For another, they are generally less expensive to create. Also, lower centerpieces lend themselves to being displayed in creative vessels, from vintage tea tins to wooden boxes to Mason jars. Some people even place floral foam covered with moss directly on the table top and insert the flowers right into it for a free-form centerpiece. Low centerpieces are very well suited to long family style tables, as you can place several different ones down the length of the table.

 Photo booths have been a hot wedding trend for the last few seasons, and they remain very much in style. The current twist on them is to supply the photo booths with props so guests can take all sorts of wacky pictures. Think about how funny it will be to see your Aunt Louise in her pearl wedding jewelry wearing a fake mustache and a bowler hat! Prop ideas include mustaches, monocles, feather boas, funny hats, fake flowers, and books. You can also include a few handmade signs that guests can hold up to send a message to the newlyweds. Be sure to get some funny shots of the bride and groom using the wacky props too. A picture of yourself wearing your bridal gown, custom wedding jewelry, a monocle, and a top hat might just be your favorite photo of the whole wedding day!

Of course, as with all wedding trends, you should feel free to pick and choose which ones you want to include in your wedding. If you are not into wacky props, don't feel like you have to use them just because it is currently a hot reception trend. The best weddings are those which feel both current and original.

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