Saturday, November 5, 2011

Feng Shui Hanging Art on Your Wall

It can be downright boring to stare at endlessly at the four walls in your home, condo or apartment. It’s no picnic or entertainment party. Add some color and life to your environment onto the four walls with pictures, artist’s paintings and photos. Yet what does the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui advice when it comes to the arrangement and hanging of your art onto your 4 walls. After all if you can increase your luck, good fortune, wealth and prosperity through the teachings of Feng Shui – why not avail yourself of these bonus powers?

If you wish career or wealth help take the time and extra care to choose beautiful water images. Feng Shui mystics will state that when you locate these images in a northern area sector of your home, living rooms or office you can be sure that this hanging art work can well assist as to provide a prompt lift to your career as well as that of close friends and family.  Yet there are more tricks of the trade and advice to the lovelorn.  You can work to channel vital Chi in your hallways and walkways (or indeed most anywhere) simply by taking the time to source out art work or photos involving giant sea turtles and their kin.

Images of falling or swirling waters – such as Niagara Falls or serene northern Canadian lakes can be said to be appropriate for the southern facing and east-south wealth sector or sectors of your home or offices.

Indeed for aid and assistance in moving your career along its path or assisting in the road to wealth and riches, add pictures art work or even an electronic photo album of ships and vessels plying the waves, on the walls or table tops (in the case of an electronic LCD or LED picture frame or frames) to your home or office walls tables and desktops. Merchant ships and vessels are especially promising and propitious soothsayers of advancing wealth to reach you in the coming future Did you know that the Chinese were major nautical experts with fleets of giant ships. Indeed before historical events had the Chinese nation retreat into its shell, the Chinese had discovered America and conducted lucrative trade long before the Europeans ventured out.

How do we know this?

50 years before Christopher Columbus’s journey to the new world a map was published in Venice Italy which clearly labeled out America. This map was a basis for Columbus navigation to the new world. This was at least 50 years before Chris’ travels. The source of this map has been attributed to Chinese sources. As well you might well consider adding a nautical image or sets of art work on south-west walls, where it will aid and assist with beneficial associations and even great wealth. Since waters are said to beneficial facing north and west it’s a wise choice and allocation of limited space on your walls. Yet be forewarned and aware that most people’s lives do have time of trouble and turmoil. Hence do not expect smooth and uneventful sailing.

Take the time both to note people, situations and events that you should be grateful for so as to put all the packages and struggles you are enduring in perspective. Nothing lasts for ever is a truism. In addition there is no doubt that in many if not most cases “time heals all”. A major lesson of life is to learn patience and that in many, many cases “things just seem to work out “(by themselves with time.) Yet do take the rapt attention to detail to note areas of concern and alarm. Mark these down in your mind mentally, or on paper so that they can be “dealt with “rather than ignored to be left to stew, simmer and get worse. Yet in many cases by paying attention to detail and details you can influence future events to pass and reduce upcoming conflicts and troubles. By hanging pictures and art of “smooth sailing” and beautiful sailboats gracefully plying the waves you can make your career path one smooth sailing journey.

The oft quoted expression and adage of life is “smile and the world is smiling with you. Cry or frown and the world follows suit”. Hence gain recognition, friends and even beneficial relationships with others by hanging up photos and images of happy, smiling people – not sour pusses.  As a corollary it can be said that photos and art of tragic news events, conflicts and even wars and battles are out. Interestingly in terms of happy warmth bringing choices can be photos and pictures of those happy occasions that you remember with fondness as well as the happy people and mentors who have brought much joy and alternatively prosperity, good health and wealth into your life and the lifetimes of close family and friends.

One can have a major effect in shaping one’s life and Chi as well as focusing positive effects and virtues on those around you by both providing for and choosing good art work , hung up in a well chosen manner in your home , office and working areas .  Feng Shui!

Bertha Rand
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