Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cheap Curtains – A Great Way To Lighten The Mood In The Winter Months

With the winter months approaching and the nights getting darker earlier, the whole atmosphere of your home can change.  Suddenly rich browns and dark reds that look great in the summer sunshine begin to absorb the light.  As a result your house can become quite dark; leaving it feeling oppressive.  Research has shown that our surroundings play a large role in our disposition and general happiness and so it is important to make changes to keep the mood of the home feeling light.  Here we consider how cheap curtains can help you achieve this end, without spending a fortune.  

A small change makes a big difference
The curtains of any room take up a large surface area – especially when they are closed.  By changing them to vibrant colours you can greatly alter the mood of a room without the hassle of having to lay a new carpet, wallpaper or paint the walls.  Incorporating this approach right throughout the house can leave you with a much brighter home and a happier soul.  The beauty of cheap curtains is that you can afford to have two different pairs for each room, which you then swap over as the seasons change.

Getting the colours right
Before you rush out and buy some cheap curtains it is important to first choose which colours you will go for.  This should be done by carefully considering the colour scheme that is already present in each room and then picking out shades that will compliment them.  If you have a colour scheme that incorporates neutral colours, such as browns, whites and greys, then you are quite fortunate in that all colours will compliment them.  So you really have a great selection to choose from.  Alternatively red compliments green, blue goes well with orange and yellow and purple form the perfect match.

Other little tweaks
Of course introducing a new colour to any room isn’t as simple as just going out and buying some curtains.  In order to complete the feeling of the room you can add a few little accessories that shouldn’t break the bank.  Great examples of such items are lamps, mirrors, picture frames, cushion covers, and lightshades.  If you have a little more to spend then you could even consider going for a matching rug.  Like your new curtains, all of these items can be easily swapped back once winter passes and the weather turns brighter.  So don’t make do with a house that depresses you through the winter months; spend a little time and money and feel at home all year round.

Trevor Jones is a keen interior design enthusiast who often tweaks his home decor to suit the seasons.  He firmly believes that the use of several pairs of cheap curtains throughout the year can help keep your home feeling fresh and welcoming.