Friday, November 4, 2011

Benefits of Solar Power on the Environment

Those who have always been ahead of technology have often been the butt of many jokes for experimenting with gadgets and concepts that ultimately are flops. Solar energy started like this but is quickly gaining a lot of popularity.

The diminishing reserves of energy are forcing scientists to come up with other ways to generate electricity that are renewable, and so far solar power is getting more and viable (and economical) by the year. The demand for solar power speaks well for its benefits to the environment and with such strong social and government support it can only become more popular.

Whether you are a household owner or the owner of a business, here are some benefits that you are bound to come across when you invest in this technology.

There Is An Unlimited Supply
Since the sun is there for everyone, you can generate as much electricity as you like and that this will reduce your energy costs by a lot (maybe even elimiate it completely!).

Millions of dollars is being invested in this industry and the result is better, stronger and more efficient products. It comes in high quality panels or solar evacuated tubes that can be expected to last - and usually come with long warranties.

Zero Emissions
Not only will you be saving money but you will also be doing your part in saving the enviroment. You no longer need to buy and burn fuel to power your house or hot water because the sunlight will always be there. There will be no emissions and you can use them as much as you like (depending on the size of your unit) without damaging the environment.

If you manage to generate more power from your solar system than you can use personally, then you usually have the option of selling your excess power back to the grid, making you some extra money and helping the environment as well.

An added bonus is that in some countries like Australia, state and federal governments are offering rebates as an incentive to adopt this cleaner form of renewable energy.

Disadvantages Of Solar Power
The only disadvantage of this system is that it needs the sun and it is still quite expensive to install in your household. However, a lot of systems are getting much more efficient, meaning that you do not need as much sun to the same amount of power as you did previously did.

Mark is the owner of Solar Hot Water Queensland, a local Queensland business that can help you decide if a solar hot water system is the right decision for your home or business.