Sunday, June 3, 2012

Oxford Medial Training ~ Choosing the Right Course For You~!!

Oxford Medical is one of the largest and best providers of medical interview skills training, teaching and  medical management courses, as well as other career development courses.  Formed in 2004, they have shared a history of success, with a formidable reputation.

Based in Oxford and London, UK, they provide expert help, with fully trained tutors who offer their vast experience in the medical selection process.  Offering insight into management training, interview skills and Medical Education training for current doctors, Oxford Medical offers courses aimed at those with a consultant interview course, GPST or CT/ST Interviews.  With the current competitive climate within the NHS medical field, the professionals at Oxford Medical are fully aware of what you require.

Medical education is a field of expertise that continues to grow and Medical Teaching Courses and Teach the Teacher Courses offer up~to~date information in the latest in educational theory; senior doctors and consultants can better enrich their roles while staying current within today's medical parameters.

Oxford Medical are one of the leading providers of small group and individual training.  They have trained hundreds of doctors and give you the principles to help you better understand the structure, purpose and aim of your medical interview.  Each and every question will be explained and shared by any one of their twenty~five fully trained interviewers.  Knowing what an interviewer is looking for will give you a head start not only in delivering a knowledgeable answer but how to deliver it with a structured, heirachical and opinionated response.

As with all of their training courses, they offer free access to the consultant section of their website including forums, NHS related downloads, video and interview hot topic video tutorials.  This gives their clients the ability to work on areas that have been identified as problem areas and allows you to improve at your own pace.  They just don't identify problems in your performance, but they give you the tools to correct them after the course has been completed.

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