Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seventh Star Press ~ FREE eBooks ~ Today & Tomorrow ONLY~!!

For TODAY, June 19th and TOMORROW, June 20th, Seventh Star Press is offering EVERYONE the opportunity to stop by Amazon and grab yourselves a FREE eBook copy of either or both...it's all FREE~!!

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Cinema of Shadows by Michael West

Welcome to the Woodfield Movie Palace.  The night the Titanic sank, it opened for business...and its builder died in his chair.  In the 1950's, there was a fire; a balcony full of people burned to death.  And years later, when it became the scene of one of Harmony, Indiana's most notorious murders, it closed, for good.

Abandoned, sealed, locked up tight...until now.

Tonight, Professor Geoffrey Burke and his Parapsychology students have come to the Woodfield in search of evidence; hoping to find irrefutable proof of a haunting.  

Instead, they will discover that, in this theater, the terrors are not confined to the screen.

You can read my book review on "Cinema of Shadows" here...

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The Exodus Gate by Stephen Zimmer

The Exodus Gate is the first book of a sweeping, epic~scale urban fantasy series with dystopian and apocalyptic themes from the imagination of Stephen Zimmer.

The Rising Dawn Saga begins with a prologue that calls to mind the imagery of Milton's Paradise Lost, and then introduces Benedict Darwin, the host of a popular late night radio show dealing with the paranormal and the things of myth, legend and conspiracy.  Benedict comes into possession of a virtual reality simulator that turns out to be something far greater, and far more dangerous than he ever expected.

Supernatural powers from the Abyss are aiding humans at the heights of political and economic power in a centuries~old movement called The Convergence.  It is focused on bringing the world under one political and economic authority, one that erases borders between nations and governs all populations across the world.

A tale of courage, hope, and adventure, with fantastical realms and exotic characters, The Exodus Gate is a unique story that blends fantasy, science fiction, the paranormal, horror and military thriller elements into a powerful voice within the realms of urban fantasy.

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