Friday, June 29, 2012

Kansas City Homes ~ Fortifying Your Home During Tornado Season

Kansas City homes see more tornado activity than many other homes in the United States.  "Tornado Alley" stretches from the area north of Texas through eastern Nebraska and northeast to Indiana, with Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas seeing more than their fair share of one of nature's most deadliest forces.

Taking steps to ensure one's safety is always an advantage between life and death and its best to be prepared for when nature lets loose no matter where you live, for a tornado can strike at any time and without any notice.  Being prepared by taking a few basic steps will help to protect your family and possibly your home from any kind of severe damage.

First of all, most building structures either meet or exceed the current building codes for high~wind regions, giving your structure a better chance of surviving violent and destructive windstorms.  Although there is no way to predict if your home will stand if struck with a direct hit, it is better to make sure your codes are in place and your structures sound. And one should never open their windows during a violent high~wind storm, you do not want to give the wind any opportunities to enter your building.

When inspecting your home it is best to pay particular attention to the following areas:  windows, doors, roof, gables and your houses connections (how your structure joins together).  If you are handy with a saw and hammer than you will probably get by with doing all the fortifications on your own or if you are not, then there are many professionals who are certified to do the work for you.

Remember to keep your outside grounds clean and trim, make sure weak branches are pruned and one suggestion is to change all your rock/gravel material to shredded bark, ensuring less damage to your home if high winds happen to pick the rocks up and begin hurling them like bullets around your property.  If a storm is approaching, remove all items that cannot be tied down, off of your property; you wouldn't wish to have your child's tricycle or the wheelbarrow come flying through your home as you prepare to ride out the storm.  

It is imperative to always have an Emergency Plan for you and your family, become familiar with the Emergency Broadcast System in your area and keep an Emergency Preparedness kits nearby in case things get really upsetting.  While nothing is ever for sure, being prepared is always better than not, it could save you and your families lives one day.  And like Dorothy once said..."There's no place like home~!!"

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