Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making Popcorn the Old-Fashioned Way~!!

Making Popcorn the Old-Fashioned Way is Fun and Saves You Money
During the past two decades, using a microwave oven to make popcorn has become the norm. People can buy packages of microwave popcorn in many types of stores and vending machines. Most children don't even know that there are other ways to make this popular snack. Bagged microwave popcorn is quick and easy to prepare, but it has a number of disadvantages.

One problem is that it doesn't let you determine the serving size or quantity. The typical microwave popcorn bag contains about 2.5 servings; you cannot pop more or less than this. Another important factor you can't control is the amount of salt and butter in the bag. Many brands of microwave popcorn use too much or too little.

It has a few other drawbacks as well. A number of kernels usually remain unpopped at the bottom of the bag. Despite this, the bags have a tendency to burn or burst open. Some people also have concerns about the chemicals in microwaveable bag coatings. Fortunately, a viable alternative to microwave popcorn remains available.

The Old Fashion Way
You can purchase large containers of popcorn and pop it on your kitchen stove. Although it requires a bit more effort to prepare, stovetop popcorn doesn't really take much longer to pop. This old-fashioned method does not use paper bags or plastic wrap to package each serving, so it costs about half as much as microwave popcorn.

Stovetop popcorn isn't only economical. It is more fun to make popcorn this way. With a glass lid on the pot, you can watch the kernels pop. If you or your parents made popcorn this way in the past, it may bring on a feeling of nostalgia. It is a great thing to do with your kids as well. They will be amazed at the sight of corn kernels popping.

Many children have been indoctrinated with the trendy concept that everything should happen instantly and require little or no effort. Making popcorn the old-fashioned way helps to teach kids that the fastest, easiest method isn't always the best option. It also shows them that the process of making food can be fun and exciting.

Along with the ideal amounts of butter and salt, you may try adding other flavors to your popcorn. Consider using a spicy seasoning or preparing some delicious sweet popcorn. The butter isn't attached to the inside of a microwaveable bag, so you also have the option to use a healthy butter substitute like Smart Balance. It's up to you.

It doesn't matter if you're at the movie theater with a group of friends or relaxing in the living room with your family; popcorn always seems to create a feeling of togetherness. Making a bowl of old-fashioned sweet popcorn with your children is the perfect way to create happy memories that will last for years to come.

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