Friday, June 29, 2012

Facts About Scorpions That You Should Know

Scorpions are one of the most common pests found in dry areas like the desert. These pests can easily invade a home in search of food, water, and shelter. If you do nothing to get rid of them, they can become a huge problem. This is especially true if your home was invaded by the venomous type.

Differences between Venomous and Non-Venomous Scorpions
Technically speaking though, all scorpions have venoms. What makes them "venomous" and "non-venomous" to humans is the amount of venom in their sting and the damage that it can do to humans.

In a nutshell, "venomous" scorpions have thick tails. They also have thin pincers. On the other hand, "non-venomous" scorpions have thin tails, and they also have pincers that are not only thick and broad, but very well-developed as well. Aside from this, the stinger of a "venomous" scorpion is also much bigger and thicker than the "non-venomous" type which is smaller and thinner. What this basically means though is that "venomous" scorpions rely more on their stingers and venom to catch and overpower their prey, while "non-venomous" scorpions rely on their pincers to catch their prey and overpower them.

The importance of knowing these differences is that you can exercise more care and caution when you spot a scorpion. When you see that its pincers are smaller in relation to its body, then you'll know to avoid it or get rid of it carefully because its venom is more potent.

Common Scorpion Facts
Scorpions live in arid, dry places like the dessert. However, their bodies are very sensitive to water loss that they immediately search for water when their bodies begin to lose moisture. If your home has scorpions, you will notice that you'll commonly see them under the sink where there are water puddles. This is because they need water to keep their bodies hydrated. If you want to keep them away, see to it that there are no water puddles under your sink or leaky faucets where they can get their water from.

During the day, scorpions tend to hide from the sun and burrow in tight, snug places like under a rock. If they've invaded your home, they're going to look for similar places to burrow under, so it's not surprising to see them inside shoes. Because of their tendency to look for tight, snug places, it is important that you always shake out your shoes before you put them on. You most definitely don't want to get stung by a scorpion.

Scorpions have excellent sense of smell. They can easily locate a prey using their sense of smell, and they can also easily and quickly hide from any sign of danger. Scorpions are also known to recognize light and dark, so for example you're going to make certain your home has been invaded by scorpions, then do it at night or with the lights closed. With a UV light, shine it along the walls. Scorpions will glow green when the UV light hits them because of the fluorescent in their bodies.

Getting rid of scorpions is quite easy. Get rid of their food and water source, and they're out of your home in no time. If you've having difficulties getting rid of these pests, then a call to your local pest control company might be of good help.

Jennifer Dallman, a freelance article provider, regularly contributes to pest control blogs, one of which is Preventive Pest. She writes mostly about homemade tips to get rid of pests as well as homemade strategies to keep them away from your home.

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