Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY Projects Using Construction Pallets

Not everyone is cut out to handle a do-it-yourself project.  While many homes are equipped with table saws and sanders, it is not a staple in all homes.  DIY projects are great because they are inexpensive and create unique looking furniture.  There is a simpler solution to make your own decorations without having to go out and buy heavy machinery or learn how to use equipment without injuring yourself.  Pallets that are used to haul food, materials, and other products can be taken apart and can serve a completely different service.

A very easy way to make an end table out of pallets is to stack them together and place a top on it.  Plywood or Plexiglas will work well for a study top.  Another way to is lay them out side by side to elongate the table.  Legs can be nailed to the table top buy taking apart other pallets.  It is probably a good idea to sand down the pallets to keep people from getting splinters.

A lot of rooms will have an accent wall that is a little more colorful.  Rather than coming up with an elaborate paint job, pallets planks can be taken apart and nailed to the wall.  They can be stained to any color to match the surrounding painted walls.  Instead of staining it, paint can be applied over the wood and sanded down.  This will make it look like the outside of an old warn out house. 

Pallets can be cut to form a shelf.  Since pallets already form a container it is easy to go from pallet to a set of shelves.  The first step is to cut it to the size you want it.  The back should be the side that has less space between planks.  More space in the front will give the selves a rustic look.  After they are nailed to the wall, they can be filled with books, pictures, and other forms of art.

Pallet Projects
Do-it-yourself projects using pallets are relatively simple.  Construction mats have a unique look to them and create a fun and different center piece in any home no matter if it is rustic or modern.  Even people that are not good at DIY projects will be able to handle using pallets.  Plus the great thing about this material is that it is relatively cheap and can be recycled.  That way if you screw up, you will not be out very much money. 

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