Saturday, June 23, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Cruella De Vil ~ ~ Affordable Costumes That Look Great~!!

ARV ~ $36.98
Cruella De Vil Adult Costume

This all~time classic character costume would indeed guarantee you a very exciting evening as you step out to frighten all the Dalmation puppies~!!

The Cruella De Vil costume comes complete with the three quarter black dress, two~in~one hair piece, long red gloves and white sash.  

For one night of the year, you can bring out that sense of evil and let it thrive through this incredibly accurate looking costume.  Inner evil and inner sex appeal would make this a very groovy costume to wear as you rock it as Cruella De Vil from the Disney hit movie, "101 Dalmations."

Add enhancements to spruce things up by adding stockings, high heels and the makeup for that one kind of a scary face in which she supports.  You are sure to have a grand and fun~filled time with this very attention~grabbing costume.

If this sounds like something you could dig your teeth into, then the Cruella De Vil adult costume from WholeSale Costume Club is the pick for you this year~!!

I had my oldest daughter try this on and showcase her Cruella  I must say she handled the part quite well as she rocked her dramatic evil~ish self while strutting her stuff in true Cruella De Vil style~!!

One of my daughter's favourite movies from when she was a wee lassie was Disney's "101 Dalmations"~!!  She wore several copies of the movie out over the years, dreamt as a child of owning her own dalmation puppy and has been fascinated with it ever since.  Now, when she heard I had the opportunity to review for WholeSale Costume Club again, she begged me to choose the Cruella costume as she had been looking for YEARS and was unable to successfully find out of my motherly love, I complied...even though I REALLY liked the Ladies Pirate

I must say though, she did me proud in the wearing...

I truly thought this costume was everything it claimed to be and more...she did truly look wonderful and these pics do the overall effect no justice~!!  We had no complaints but one, she felt the dress was a tad see through and to remember to dress  We both agree, however, that at Hallowe'en and your clubbing it, then it's all gooood~!!  ;)

Adding some fish net stockings and stiletto's would really pump this costume up and maybe a dalmation puppy or two...haha

I have had the delight and the enjoyment of reviewing for this company on a few occasions and I have, AS OF YET, been disappointed with anything I have ever reviewed for them.  The customer service is EXCELLENT, they are courteous and knowledgeable in all that they are able to help you with.  I would recommend them for any time you need a costume to spruce up an event~!!

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