Friday, June 29, 2012

How To Quit Smoking: A Step-by-Step Guide

Quitting Gradually
Many people will simply wake up in the morning and decide they are going to quit smoking. While going “cold turkey” may be admirable, there is a reason that it fails 90% of the time. Giving quitting smoking some thought and preparation will get you ready for the challenge that lies ahead.

If you are a glass half-empty type who keeps telling yourself that you will never give up, then trust me, you won’t. If you need to read a book on confidence to prepare you for quitting, then do so. Think of other difficult feats you have achieved in life, write them down, stick them on the mirror, put them anywhere you will read them a lot – these will serve as your inspiration.

Understand Why
If you do not know why you are quitting then you probably won’t. Again, write it down and place it somewhere you will see it often. Imagine your life without cigarettes, think of the money you will not spend, and the things you can buy instead.

Get Support
Quitting smoking will be much easier if you have family and friends on board. Tell them you are quitting and your reasons why, you may be surprised by how supportive those close to you are.

See Your Doctor
Make an appointment to see your Doctor and discuss quitting smoking. Before this, perhaps look up some products that will help you to quit, such as an electronic cigarette kit. Your doctor may even be able to prescribe medication to assist you, however avoid the anti-depressants where possible.

Cut Down Before Quitting
Decide whether using an electronic cigarette kit, for example, constitutes smoking in terms of quitting. If it does, then begin to cut down on your cigarette smoking before your targeted quit date, and substitute cigarettes for your electronic version. If you are going to struggle then break the process down into two stages. Quit date one you begin to use an electronic cigarette kit, quit date two is when you cease nicotine intake completely.

Not coffee or carbonated drinks, but water. Water will act a detoxifying agent in your body, and begin to flush out the nicotine. Once you have gotten over the initial difficulties and you have flushed your body out, the nicotine cravings will begin to subside.

Chew gum whenever you feel the need for a cigarette, as this will satisfy the oral cravings and give you an element of control should you begin to crave a smoke.

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