Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Insurance Hunter ~ Auto Insurance Quotes in Minutes~!!

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Insurance Hunter is an independent online brokerage who provides Ontario residents with free access to Auto Insurance quotes, as well as, home and travel quotes from leading Ontario insurance companies with around the clock care.  Not only are you able to compare prices but can allow choose the best deal while giving you additional savings at the bank.


At Insurance Hunter you'll find its the smart way to shop for your auto insurance.  One simplies answers an online questionnaire and then instantly receive the best quotes available for the coverage that you have selected.  You then select the option that is best for you and make your purchase.


Insurance Hunter is in business to serve, you, the customer and not the insurance companies.  You receive the best coverage at the best possible rates while conveniently obtaining the quotes from the luxury of your own home or office.  No salespeople are pressuring you to make your purchase and you are able to find the most applicable coverage without the stress of anyone hanging over your shoulder, forcing you to sign a policy you feel ill at ease about.  Everything you need to find the most optimal solution for your Car Insurance can be found at Insurance Hunter.


Every vehicle available in Canada, no matter its make, model or year, is rated according to the Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating (CLEAR) system.  This system assesses each type of vehicle according to insurance claims and calculates the rates accordingly, the lower the claims, the lower the rates.


According to data for the 1996~2009 model years, which are provided by the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the worst rated vehicles, based on theft, are as follows:


Cadillac Escalade ESV, 4 door, all wheel drive

Honda Civic SiR, 2 door

Acura Integra, 2 door

Acura RSX, Type S, 2 door

Audi S4 Quattro, 4 door

Hummer H2 AWD, 4 door


It is always beneficial to know your data when making such an important decision that concerns, not only yourself, but perhaps your family and friends also.  An intelligent person would collect all the pertinent data and make a viable and knowledgeable decision based on all the facts given.  With Insurance Hunter you are able to relax knowing that this is exactly what you will be getting as they help you to "compare~choose~save".

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