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5 Most Popular Printed T-Shirts for Toddlers

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There are a large number of T-shirt designs for toddlers, ranging from a plain shirt to complex graphics and layered prints. Choosing the day's T-shirt can have a large effect on not only your child's appearance, but their mood, energy level, and even their expectations for the day. The following collection of the most popular designs will help you to choose some great shirts for your toddler.

1. Customized T-Shirts

Customized T-shirts have always been popular but none more so than with young children. Toddlers like nothing more than to hear their name, and to have a shirt with their name on it is even better. It can also help with early reading skills as they will come to recognize their name sooner. Try teaming up their name with a favorite animal and they will always want to wear it. Choose a T-shirt in their favorite color and you'll have hard time getting them out of it.

2. The iPoo'd T-shirt

This toddler's T-shirt is a play on the classic mp3 player name and control wheel, only this time the iPoo'd title in the famous font makes you do a double take and you can't help but smile. On this shirt, the menu button at the top of the control wheel is replaced with a change me button. This shirt is especially relevant to toddlers and their parents, as kids who are potty-training at this stage are known to announce their achievements. What better way to reward them than with this humorous T-shirt? Particularly popular amongst young parents and the tech-savvy, shirts like this are an instant hit.

3. The Superhero T-shirt

Superheroes have never been more popular than now. Every kid has his or her favorite superhero and being that superhero is every kid's dream. Give your child a head start with their own superhero T-shirt. You can choose from an action graphic or the superhero's emblem such as Batman's bat, Wonder Woman's W's, or Captain America's shield.

4. The Animated Movie T-shirt

Every year, new animated movies come out and kids become fascinated with the characters and their personalities. Animated movies translate really well on to T-shirt designs, because they are usually simple, brightly colored, and have exaggerated expressions: three things that kids love.

5. One for the Parents

An all-time popular shirt is the one that brings the family together. Phrases such as I Love Dad, Grandma’s Little Boy and Mom are The Best are favorites. They are a good ego boost, too.

Toddlers live in T-shirts and making sure they enjoy wearing them is something you should really think about. Bright, playful colors, strong engaging designs, and simple phrases work best. Colored shirts can be a great way for your kids to learn the names of colors early on. There are so many different designs out there, so if you can't find what you are looking for, simply create your own.

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