Friday, June 1, 2012

A History Of Communication ~ From Pictographs to Cloud Phones ~ How Did We Do That?

Ever wonder what Virtual PBX Phone System was??  Or how we came to be using such an advanced, technological wonder??  From our earliest times, communication has been a viable way of living.  Over the years, humanity has learned how to communicate, how to express ourselves and how to share those expressions with others.  It is from our earliest days that we have developed into the society we are today.

Some time during 3500 ~ 2900 BC a communication explosion began as people, in the then known world, began to develop written forms of language.  The Phoenicians have been accredited for developing the alphabet, the Egyptians for Hieroglyphics and the Sumerians were developing cuneiform during this time, opening doorways of expression never heard of before.

From there print books developed, making way for faster, more accessible forms of communication.  The Chinese created, not only paper, but moveable type and wooden printing presses.  Their first seeds of mass communication became the forebears to the ideologies of such people like Claude Chappe, who, in 1793 invented a long~distance telegraph line  which opened the doors for Samuel Morse, who took those ideas and added his own touches, giving us the first electrical telegraph line and Morse Code, the earliest form of electronic texting dating from 1843.

During the late 1800's another explosion of communication wizardry begins with the likes of Alexander Graham Bell bringing us the telephone and  Gugliemo Marconi who perfects the wireless communication, fine~tuning the technology needed to continue with its growth.  Almon Strowger adds his own flavor to the stew with his addition of the first patented direct dial telephone and Lee Deforest in the early 1900's defines the signalling being amplified via his electronic amplifying tubes and in 1951, computers began being sold commercially.

The Japanese took communication to a whole new level, when in 1979, the first cellular phone network was created for what would become, not only a trend, but a main staple in many peoples lives.  In 1983, this network was introduced to the United States and hasn't slowed down since its inception.  

Today with such networks that offer Cloud Phone systems, communication has never been easier, as tasks and data are now stored on the Internet, rather than on individual devices, providing an on~demand access to your information.  

Cloud is a metaphor for the Internet, based on the cloud drawings used in the past to represent telephone networks.  The concept behind cloud computing dates back to John McCarthy, when in the 1960's, he purported that "computation may someday be organised as a public utility."  Herb Grosch, author of Grosch's Law, once stated that the entire world would be able to operate on "dumb terminals" powered by 15 large data centers.  Now, with many small businesses opting for cloud communication to help handle their business needs, they are now better afforded to compete with companies of a Fortune 500 standard.

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