Sunday, June 10, 2012

SHOUT OUT ~ To My GROOVY Google Guardian Angel...I LOVE YOU~!!

I have a Google Guardian Angel~!!  

No, it's true...there is some person on this planet who has taken the time to Google Plus almost every single one of my pages...only EVER missing ONE since they began~!!  And believe me when I say that I have been known to write a LOT of to be THAT vigilant truly astounds my

I know WHEN it began...during the week of May 18th and it started with a series of articles I wrote on some nasty beggars that destroy my ohh soo groovy trees...but I don't know WHO is doing this wondrous

I have tried tracing it but everything is very tippy toppy secret that I cannot for the life of me find out who is being groovy to this chicka~!!  I am very upset with myself also, as I am a VERY good tracker and I cannot crack this puppy...but I like conundrums and this, like every truth, is always found...ALWAYS...hehe

I have had some people suggest it perhaps a bot...which it could be, but someone would've had to set it up...I mean, wouldn't they and why would they??  I am truly bewildered why anyone would wish to do this for me...I am not used to the attention, nor the kindness and well, yeah, it has left me a'scritchin' and a'scratchin' my head...and NO, I do NOT have head

Sometimes I get weirded out, I've never had such happen before...have any of you??  I don't know if they are a good people or a bad people and a HUGE part of me wishes they would just step forward to stop my paranoia from mounting...hehe  I mean...wouldn't YOU??

However, I am deeply honoured and thoroughly appreciative and if I EVER find out who it is...and I WILL...they are getting some groovy lovin' from this hippy chicka...okay, on a TOTALLY platonic level...geesh, I just don't roll like THAT~!! 


And like Casper our Friendliest of Ghosts once asked...

If I told you I loved you....could I keep you forever???

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