Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weird Things One Can Find In Their Plumbing...

One of the things that homeowners cannot live without and that is working pipes and plumbing.  When our plumbing clogs up, shuts down or breaks, we need to call professional plumbers in to handle the nightmare.  Plumbing mishaps are not for the weak of heart nor the unknowledgable...listed below are some of the strange, the weird and the wacky that have been found in pipes and plumbing of homes, just like yours.

Other than hair, tampons, paper towels and children's toys, there are things to be found in the drain pipes that you wouldn't believe it unless you were to see it for your own eyes.  These things cannot be flushed, drained, snaked, nor can one use chemicals to break it down.  These type of plugs need a professional plumber to handle the job, sometimes even using fiber optic sewer cameras to find the source of the clog.

The Top 10...

1.  G.I. Joe ~ Never before has this action figure seen combat such as being stuck deep in the masses of pipes and drains.  Children's toys are one of the number one causes of clogs in households, cars being a favourite.

2.  Toothbrushes ~ Some people believe a toilet is a disposable waste basket, guaranteed to flush all your uneeded junk away.

3.  Women's Undergarments ~ The number of thongs, panties and bras that have been found clogging up the pipes is higher than one would imagine.

4.  Plug~In Air Fresheners ~ Some people must believe that going to the source will correct the smell.

5.  Light Bulbs ~ That's putting a whole new light on the situation.

6.  A 6~pack of Beer ~ If the dog finds the water refreshing, why not hide your stash in its depths?

7.  A Bedspread ~ Yes, a whole bedspread was once found during drain cleaning!

8.  False Teeth ~ Bending over the bowl can be hazardous to one's smile.

9.  A Mop Head ~ Still trying to figure out how someone would've got that one in the drain pipes.

10.  Orange Prisoner Pants ~ Looks like someone hit the road while flushing their unwanted load.

The list hardly stops there, along with live and dead animals, money wads, jewelry, food and gatorade bottles, the stuff that can be found in your drains isn't a laughing matter.  If you are in doubt, call a professional plumber to handle your needs, you never know what your going to find in there!

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