Saturday, June 9, 2012

Treetop Camping ~ Would You~??

Treetop camping has been popping up in my life of late and I decided to delve a little further into its mysterious depths.  I LOVE camping however, I have a HUGE fear of least my brain tells me I do.  I also realize that these fears can be overcome with the right tutelage and equipment to help guide you.  I believe in embracing that which causes me fear and incorporating it into my general makeup.  Basically, fear has no power over me~!!

Okay, so treetop camping freaks the hell outta me, no, I am not kidding, and yet, a part of me is intrigued and fascinated and truthfully, I believe I could do it.  Well, in principle

What I did find most groovy to learn is that its is likened to DANCING...uh...did someone mention DANCING~??  Okay...that's it, I am sooo  

I also learned that you are strapped in to the nines and there is no way anyone could fall out of such a contraption, okay, its a "treeboat" but still, I'm thinking with my luck, there is always a first time.  

Whenever I hear this I think back to my high school days...picture's gymnastics week and I, having the fear of heights that I do, absolutely refused to get onto the Uneven Bars...I banged every other event but no WAY was I getting on the torture device...okay, so after MUCH coaxing from my classmates & teacher and PROMISES that I wouldn't fall (and the teacher even said that NO ONE had EVER falling during my class)...I gulped my fear and 10 minutes before the unit was over completely, I sucked it up and got on that death trap.  I only had to hold out 10 more minutes and then the weekend would've arrived and I was free because come Monday, it would be the start of a whole new unit...but did I listen to that li'l voice in my head...NOOoooOOooo~!!!

I got on the lower bar and flipped up to the 2nd bar and came around to flip back to the lower bar...the whole while thinking, hey, this isn't so bad, I can do this...wuh~ell...then I looked DOOOOOOWN...GULP...I soo should NOT have down that...but I did...and my classmates & teacher had already relaxed cuz they actually believed once I got on that THING, I would be a natural...okay, it was looking to be that way...until the whole going down process...I missed my mark...smashed my neck off the lower bar and slammed off the mats, bounced three times and slid across the gym floor on my behind...soooo not kewl...especially being a fourteen year old in a co~op gymnasium...blush...gulp...UGH~!! when I hear things like "No one has ever..." makes me think, oh good gosh, here we go again...hehe  I live for living life to the fullest and trying everything once... to that Treetop Dancing Camping thing...HELL yea...I'd do it~!!  ;)

If I am meant to be a "rock~a~bye" baby falling from the treetops...then so be it...the wheel wills as the wheel will~!!   I just can't for the life of me figure out how they get from the tree branch to the inside of the treeboat...and gulp, I'm trying NOT to think about it either...thank you very much...heh heh~!!

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