Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Real Estate Investor's Guide To Selling A Zombie Fortified Home

With the threat of a zombie attack looking more and more real in today’s uncertain world, having a well-fortified home is an absolute necessity. Real estate investors understand the need to sell homes that buyers are seeking, so why not a zombie fortified home for those enthusiasts looking to be prepared? Zombie fortified dwellings don’t always scream "buy me" as buyers, even those preparing for the end of days, prefer homes that look attractive. Following are a few tips and ideas to make any home more fortified against a zombie apocalypse while remaining visually appealing for the still living. 

Highlight the Best Features
This is good advice no matter what type of home you are selling. Any dwelling capable of repelling an attack by the living undead will have its positive features. Suburban homes are already built in good neighborhoods and hooked up to running water and electricity. They are also attractive, spacious and easy to modify. Try to downplay the fact that these homes will be right at ground zero when the time comes.

Bunkers and castles are very sturdy, and castles also have the added charm of turrets and a moat to stop the mindless undead. They are also built in strategic and easily defensible locations so homeowners can see the zombie attack coming for miles. When the question of upkeep and heating costs arises, focus on the long-lasting, reliability of the stone walls.

Location! Location! Location!
Savvy real estate investors can always play up the positive aspects of a home’s location. It doesn’t matter where buyers are living when the zombie horde arrives, these investors will already have made the sale. In suburban and city areas, point out the close proximity of conveniences like gas stations, schools and grocery stores. Also point out that buyers will be more likely to find and band up with other survivors in these high-population areas. In the countryside, focus on the freedom, room to grow crops and start new communities. Also point out that there will be fewer roving zombies to worry about and lots more time to spot them before they get close enough to eat homeowners.

If real estate investors happen to be dealing with recreational vehicles (RVs), they can point out their mobility. Owners have the conveniences of home no matter where they go. Just don’t mention the low miles per gallon and complications that come from running out of gas.

With a little forethought, investors can spin any location to show its positive benefits. Just remember to make that sale and get the heck out the area before zombies attack.

Improvements to Raise Property Value
Finally, investors should suggest that current owners make a few improvements to the property. Improved fortification can help raise the value of any dwelling. Consider adding extra defenses to a property to keep out the undead. Things such as bars on the windows, heavy locking shutters, stone walls, and metal fences are all instant ways of adding value.

The more long-term survival minded will appreciate other additions to the home. Adding a back up power generator and rainwater collection system increases the odds of survival for any homeowner. Those that want to maintain their current quality of life will love solar power panels or wind power added to a property to supply electricity indefinitely.

Selling a zombie fortified home before the apocalypse is easy. Investors just need to understand how their buyers think and how they can play up the positive features of any fortified dwelling. Look at the best features of the property. Play up the positive sides of location. Consider adding improvements. The important part is making the sale sooner rather than later. We don’t all live forever.

Photo Credit: Paul Goyette via Flicker Creative Commons

About the author: When not catching late night zombie flicks and preparing for World War Z,  Sam is a real estate agent for great neck apartments.

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