Tuesday, June 12, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: pHisoderm's pH DOWN ~ pH Balancer for Dry Skin

pHisoderm's pH DOWN is a from a unique line of Restorative Facial Cleansers that bring your skin back to its natural pH balance.  Only pHisoderm Cleansers reverse occasional skin conditions by actually bringing skin back to its natural, perfect pH balance.

Your acid mantle is a thin oily film, made up of sweat and sebum, which sits on top of the outmost layer of your skin and protects skin from bacteria entering.  Many of the contaminants that might enter our skin, such as chemicals from the atmosphere and harmful bacteria, are alkaline in natures, which means they have a pH of higher than 7.  When bacteria are killed by acid they can't damage the skin but if you strip skin of its acidic mantle, it becomes much easier for bacteria to find its way in.  

Our skin's natural acidity neutralizes chemicals and bacteria, which is a necessary part of the body's defense system.

The acid mantle becomes unbalanced with the use of strong alkaline soaps, cleansers and detergents.  Excess perspiration may also be a factor.  If you perspire more than average, your acid mantle will have a higher proportion of sweat compared to others, throwing skin off its natural balance.

You should maintain your skin's acid mantle by:

Using pH balanced skin care products
Avoiding harsh soaps
Frequently moisturizing with a slightly acidic moisturizer
Protecting yourself from the sun

Maintaining both the acid mantle and skins pH is a fine balance, but vital to being able to neutralize harmful bacteria, which can lead to acne, infection or irritation.  pHisoderm Cleansers restore skin back to its natural balance to help maintain healthy looking and feeling skin.

pH DOWN is a unique formulation for those suffering from dry skin.  

Dry skin occurs when your skin's pH levels are too high (also known as alkaline).  

When your skin is in this state, it can lead to blemishes and inflammation.

pH DOWN helps to decrease the skins natural pH levels with added hydrating emollients and antioxidants to moisturize skin and promote cell renewal.  

It helps restore your skin's natural moisture barrier leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Dermatologist tested.  

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