Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DVD REVIEW: Chuggington ~ Wilson and the Ice Cream Fair

CHUGGINGTON ~ Wilson and the Ice Cream Fair

Director:  Sarah Ball
Producer:  Sarah Ball
Executive Producer:  Charlie Caminada, Rob Lawes, Dick Rothkopf, Don Toht
Duration:  61 minutes
Surround:  2.0
Number of Discs:  1

Episodes Include:

Wilson and the Ice Cream
Bang Klang Wilson
Frostini's Fruit Fandango
Frostini's Meltdown
Koko's Puppy Training
Brewster and the Dragon

Bonus Features:  Colouring and Activity Sheets

In this colllection, the brave young trainee makes a special delivery to the ice cream fair, helps Frostini create a new flavour for the mayor's banquet, and tries to prevent a massive ice cream meltdown on the hottest day of the year.  There's fun in the ice cream factory, a brave rescue at the Safari Park and an adventure in the ice caves, too~!!  

Alongside good friends, like Koko and Brewster, and helpful Chuggers like Old Puffer Pete and Mtambo, the trainees discover important lessons about responsibility, cooperation, paying attention, overcoming a fear and so much more~!!

My son absolutely LOVES this DVD and I was quite shocked to tell you true.  While he has watched Chuggington in the past, I was beginning to think he may be just a bit old but nope, I was totally wrong.  He got so engrossed with the show that he was upset when his younger niece came into the room and began asking him questions.  He told her to sit down and watch his really cool Chuggington DVD on ice cream, he loves ice cream so the theme of the DVD couldn't be a more suitable one.

He loved the episode on Frostini's Fruit Fandango, I could hear him talking to the characters as they were trying to come up with a flavourful ice cream and even came up with a flavour all of his own.  Chocolate chip with bananas, chocolate syrup and cherries and do not forget the whipped cream...lol

The episodes are adorable and the animation is very eye~catching.  Each episode revolves around cold and I'm thinking it couldn't have come at a more suitable time then the summer months.   And each of the six episodes are only about ten minutes long and you can play them individually or play all and let the whole DVD play through.

If your little people love the Chuggington series or maybe their a train buff, however you look at it, they are thoroughly going to enjoy this DVD.  It''s a wonderful way to spend a hot summer day, the lessons and messages shared throughout each episode are truly enjoyable ones for your wee folks to listen and share with.

Visit Chuggington and see what other wonderful things they have to share~!!

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