Saturday, June 9, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: OXY Triple Action Medicated Acne Pads

The OXY Clear Skin Solution is a unique combination of medicated acne products formulated for your skin type.  This daily skin care routine is specific to how often and severe your breakouts can be, allowing you to effectively take control of your acne.

Before acne can appear, it needs a suitable environment to grow.  Oily skin and pores clogged with dirt and dead skin creates a perfect atmosphere for acne bacteria to develop.  OXY helps control oil and oxygenates your pores, keeping them open ~ allowing your skin to breathe.  This makes it difficult for acne to grow, preventing blemishes from developing.

OXY Cleansers are ideal for acne prevention.  When used twice a day, cleansers help remove dirt, sweat and excess oil to prevent clogged pores.  Remember to use warm water and cover your entire face.

Before a full sized pimple appears, acne bacteria starts to grow and multiply inside clogged pores making skin red and swollen.  OXY's medicated formulas attack the acne bacteria underneath the skin before it can erupt into a full pimple, blackhead, whitehead or cyst.  OXY penetrates deep to the very root of the acne and stops acne from growing, keeping your skin looking smooth, even and balanced.

OXY Pads work instantly to unclog pores letting oxygen in to help skin breathe and stop the growth of acne within the pore.  Its patented encapsulated technology allows the medication to stay on the skin and in the pores, working continuously throughout the day to prevent future growth.  After washing your face, apply over the problem areas ~ do NOT rinse.  Continue to used the Medicated Acne Pads daily over breakout areas to get clear skin.

My son swears by the OXY Triple Action Medicated Acne Pads~!!  He has an terrible acne problem on his face and chest and his biggest gripe is finding a product that worked successfully.  Sometimes his acne is very swollen and painful to touch and he likes how this pain is alleviated for him in a considerable manner.  He can actually see the redness abating with each use and his smile widens as his acne is now becoming something in which he can control.

Being a fifteen year old in today's vain~ish world, it is important to his well~being that his skin appears clean and clear.  I like that he is smiling more and feels more confident about himself because his acne is diminishing and he feels like he is winning the battle.

I would recommend these to anyone with a acne problem, looking to relieve the pain often caused by the swollen puscles.  The smell isn't overly strong nor does the scent stay on your skin after you wash your face with them, it is HIGHLY recommended that you leave the stuff on your face and not to remove it, so I feel it's important to not have a disgusting scent lingering underneath your nostrils after each use.

I will be reviewing a few more exciting products from the fine folks at OXY, so stay tuned and perhaps something will be the answer in which you seek.

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