Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Popples Are Making A Comeback~!!

The 80's hit franchise, The Popples, are making plans to join merchandising partner, Saban Brands, to bring the next generation of Popples to fans.

Plans are in store for a 2013 merchandise to hit store shelves based on the Popples characters, ranging from apparel, accessories, mobile & tablet apps as well as new Popple characters and additional products for Spring 2014 which will include more publishing, stationery, party goods and crafting supplies.

The Popples television series made its US debut in 1985 amongst great success and their toy line was launched that following year and has generated more than $444 million dollars in retail sales worldwide.

If you recall, the original Popples plush toys, created by Mattel, could transform from fluffy plush balls to furry friends and back again.  

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