Monday, June 4, 2012


Hasbro, Inc., has turned another of its timeless brands into a multi~media entertainment property with the release of Universal Studio's film, "BATTLESHIP".  Hasbro has augmented the experience of the hot new film, with an action~packed line of BATTLESHIP toys ~ both in the gaming realm and in a brand new line of KRE~O building sets ~ as well as an expansive line of licensed goods.

ARV ~ $79.99

Man your battle stations on deck of the military's last defense against the alien invasion, the U.S.S. Missouri, the iconic flagship straight from the BATTLESHIP movie~!!

Spanning 21.5" long once assembled, the U.S.S. Missouri build features double barreled missile launchers, single fire rocket launchers and a deployable attack boat with gunner station.

The ship is also equipped with several areas of interest including the Captain's navigation tower, a central control room, maximum security alien prison, soldier barracks and more~!!

Kids can command Admiral Shane and Naval Fighter KREON figures into the heat of battle against alien forces.

Set includes:  545 pieces and 5 KREON figures
Ages 8 & up

Building this is guaranteed to keep your children busy for days, it took several for my two sons to complete this, but their bonding was well worth it~!!

The directions are easy to follow and everything comes packaged according to useage and the boys were able to follow everything to a tee, even though they had a couple of pieces left over.  My oldest son assured me that he has built many of these in his lifetime, of fifteen years, lol, and there are always pieces left over.  Seeing, as I am the source of buying these kits for him, and tripping over those "left~over" pieces, I can attest that his projects have always looked successful, so who am I to question his authority on the

At first it appeared to be a bit mind~boggling as you ponder those 545 pieces, but as the work progresses, you get to see what kind of architectural wonders your children are as they concentrate on placing all the pieces together as they are meant to be.

My sons argued a few times and whenever their patience began to thin, they'd put it away and come back at it again.  My younger sons finger weren't able to snap some of the smaller pieces together and he would grow frustrated, which would frustrate his older brother and then it would be time to step away and come back at it again at another time.

Even though they argued, I found they resolved their issues in a very mature and brotherly way.  We love the Hasbro line of toys in this house, we have yet to be disappointed with anything they produce and promote~!!

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