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CD REVIEW ~ Farmer Jason and Buddies ~ Nature Jams

Farmer Jason and Buddies ~ Nature Jams

Audio CD:  February 7, 2012
Number of Discs:  2
Label:  Hip-O Records

Farmer Jason is Jason Ringenberg, also known for his pioneering band, Jason & The Scorchers.

Since 2003, as Farmer Jason, he has built a fan base for his kids' music and Emmy Award winning public television music videos.

Nature Jams is a high~value, kid~friendly album of 16 original song, four music videos and a colourful 20~page booklet, all themed around The Great Outdoors.

The song styles range from Rock'n'Roll anthems to sea shanties, Jazz to Folk and features guest artists:

Brandi Carlisle
Mike Mills (R.E.M.)
Hank Williams III
Tommy Ramone (The Ramones)
Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick)
Tom Snider 
And many more~!!

The children and myself truly enjoyed the Nature Jams CD and my daughter plays this continuously as it strikes her love of nature and she was impressed with the song quality.  There are songs about Moose...yeeaaaa...we LOVE the well as, buffaloes (another favourite), caves, whales, glaciers, outdoors and so much more.  There is an impressive array of music displayed upon this CD.

I loved the messages that Farmer Jason shares with the children, about taking the time to enjoy nature and to immerse yourself in the surroundings around you.  He delivers these thoughts in an up~beat and friendly manner that is not condescending towards children but delivered to them with heart~warming and thought~provoking inflections.

We loved the Celtic stylin's of The Saw Doctors, Well, oh Whale and Dison the Bison sung with Webb Wilder and The Black Crowes', Steve Gorman.  I must say, there are a load of people who share their talents to put this CD together, others to mention are Suzy Bogguss and Terrance Simien who also lend their talents to bring us a truly remarkable musical wonder.

I would give this CD a two thumbs up, it kept me humming throughout the day as some of the tunes stick in your head and you cannot help but replay them in your mind as you go about your day~!!

Track List:

1.  Nature Jams
2.  Can You Canoe (w/ Alison Brown)
3.  Take A Hike (w/ Mike Mills of REM)
4.  Well Oh Whale (w/ The Saw Doctors)
5.  Meadowlark in Central Park (w/ Suzy Bogguss)
6.  Bayou Boogie (w/ Terrance Simien)
7.  Prairie Riddles (w/ Iris Dement)
8.  Buffalo or Bison? (by Webb Wilder)
9.  Dison The Bison (w/ Webb Wilder & Steve Gorman of The Black Crowes)
10.  Spelunker (w/ Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick)
11.  The Glacier (w/ Jason & The Scorchers)
12.  Manatee (w/ Hank Williams III and Tommy Ramone)
13.  No Place Like The Woods (by Victor Whooten)
14.  The Moose Live Where? (w/ Todd Snider)
15.  Have You Ever (w/ Brandi Carlisle)
16.  Skating Along (w/ Kristi Rose & Farmer Jason Family)

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