Monday, June 4, 2012

Brand-New Colorforms App Brings Celebrated Brand to a Whole New Dimension!

The iconic 60~year~old brand from University Games has changed the way generations of children have played and is now making its digital debut with the very first Colorforms app ~ Colorforms Revolution.

The new app extends the traditional Colorforms experience, giving players fresh and fun ways to play with sound, motion and animation.  Colorforms Revolution is now making a colorful splash on the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The app celebrates the nostalgia of the stand~out original game and allows the family to experience Colorforms like never before~!!  Combine shapes, colours, patterns and backgrounds in endless combinations to create an infinite number of exciting designs.

With the new HD iPad app, choose a Play Set with themed stickers and backgrounds, put them in a scene and a story is born.  Play a Puzzle Board to build a picture and see it animate.  Or go wild with the crazy circle, surprise square, kaleido~triangle and radical rectangle.

With simple controls you'll figure out as you go, Colorforms is good wholesome fun for everyone.  Just pick it up, start playing and join the revolution.  The fun is endless~!!  

A pop culture classic, Colorforms was invented in 1951 and more than 1 billion of the vibrant vinyl playsets have been sold to date, with imaginative new styles continuing to captivate families worldwide.

Recently, the Toy Industry Association recognized Colorforms as one of the Top 100 Toys of the Century and TIME Magazine named it among its "All~TIME 100 Greatest Toys."

Visit the iTunes App Store and get yours today~!!
Only $2.99

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