Friday, June 8, 2012

5 Worst Celebrity Makeup Disasters

Celebrities are constantly in the spotlight, and often times, their worst days completely outshine one of our best days. But celebrities are not always perfect.

You would think that with the large posse of stylists and makeup artists they have on hand, most celebrities would never step foot outside looking like a disaster. Thankfully, they do, and the following are five of the worst celebrity makeup disasters to ever be caught on camera.

1. Pamela Anderson
Usually known for her bright red lips and subtle makeup (who's looking at her face anyway?), Pamela Anderson usually keeps herself well groomed and beautiful. This time, however, she managed to overdo the eyeliner just a bit. Not only does the black eyeliner extend too far passed her eye (making her eyes look squinted), it also stands out because she paired it with soft and subtle makeup everywhere else. Maybe her bright red lips would have calmed down the abrasive eyeliner, or maybe it would have made the disaster worse. Either way, this makeup failed.

2. Kim Kardashian
Whether she's going for a natural look or wearing a thick layer of makeup, Kim usually pulls off a great look. Her facial features allow her to rock most styles, and she can easily transform from lazy day to night life at the drop of a hat. On this day, though, Kim made the wrong makeup choice. Not only does the bright blue eyeliner below her eye stand out like a sore thumb, but bright blue does not complement Kim's natural skin or eye color, which just makes the whole look even more awkward. Throw the bright blue eyeliner away, Kim. It's not doing you any favors.

3. Christina Aguilera
Christina has been on her fair share of worst lists, and through all of her fashion mishaps, this makeup disaster makes one more addition. Christina often wears a bright lipstick color, and usually, the bright pink she's adorning wouldn't be an issue. In fact, it's actually the best part about this look. The combination of blush mixed with a paler skin tone makes her cheeks and forehead look transparent. Combine that with the thick and dark eyeliner, and you have yourself a hot makeup mess. We hope you fired your stylist, Christina. This look just had way too much going on.

4. Mischa Barton
Drawing attention to your eyes is usually a good thing when it comes to makeup, but Misha does it all wrong. The thick dark eyeliner coupled with the dark eye shadow dulls her eyes. When you add this to the soft palette of her other makeup, it washes out her face, making her face appear lifeless. We're all for the smokey eye look, but it only works when it complements the rest of your face.

5. Eva Longoria
Note to self: apply makeup to entire face before stepping out in public. Having raccoon eyes from sunglasses is one thing, but what happened to Eva's face? This pale line under her eyes is extremely strange, and it seems as if she either forgot to put makeup there or didn't even try to cover it up. We praise you for stepping out in public like this, but we are still wondering why.

Rebekah Simmons is a writer and fashion designer.  She enjoys writing about fashion, clothing, and makeup.  Rebekah loves to go shopping and never leaves home without her cosmetic brush set.

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