Monday, June 11, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: OXY Triple Action Daily Facial Cleanser

OXY's anti~acne Triple Action Daily Facial Cleanser formula is now improved, working in 3 ways to give you clear skin.  This unique cleanser is now paraben and preservative free.

Clean ~ It penetrates deep into pores to remove dirt, oil and dead skin.

Treat ~ Unclogs pores letting oxygen in to help skin breathe and tackle breakouts.  

Prevent ~ Works continuously to keep skin clear of new breakouts. 

Now containing moisturizing Gree Tea and Chamomile Extracts with Pro~Vitamin B5 in a cooling non~irritating formula leaving skin feeling fresh, smooth and healthy looking.

Remember to clean pillowcases, washcloths and towels often in order to avoid cross~contamination.

Medicinal Ingredients ~ Slicyclic Acid

Cleanse with OXY's Triple Action Daily Facial Cleanser every day and evening to prevent acne and maintain clear skin.  Cleansing daily will help prevent clogged pores, which can lead to breakouts.  If you experience excessive breakouts or more problematic areas, follow up your routine with an OXY Medicated Acne Pad.

This is definitely needed if your using the whole line~up, it works great in conjunction with the Acne Pads and pH UP that my son is currently using.  This is also part of his hygeinic regime as he faithfully uses the products as they are required.

He absolutely swears by the OXY lineup and would truly recommend them to anyone who asks.  I know he has had several incidents where his acne has caused him embarrassment or concern and with the OXY products, he feels he has some control over his acne issues.

He believes it does lift the dirt and oils from his clogged up pores and is truly impressed with how fast the product seems to work.  His swelling and redness has abated considerably as it is quite noticeable now that the cleansing he is doing is actually working as it should be.  I found it to be heavily scented for men, I'm not a huge fan of scents, but my son enjoyed the after aroma that lingered on his skin afterwards.  

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