Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Frozen Food You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

When it comes to frozen food there are more than a few things I am ignorant about and I’m sure I’m not alone. How nutritious frozen food can hope to be is one thing I didn’t understand for example before I found out the answer was surprisingly very; in fact more than your average packaged shelf food. The reason for this is that if the frozen food packaging is done right and straight after it’s picked or manufactured, it can lock in all the nutritional value before the shelf can degrade it. This is interesting but far from the purpose of this article; this article is about the kinds of foods you didn’t realise could be frozen.

Baked Goods
The first surprising thing you can freeze should actually not come as a surprise since more often than not it is available in the shops as a frozen food – baked goods. Hot-cross buns to Swiss cakes; all can be frozen to lock in freshness. Some items may be harder to defrost than others but freezing them adds weeks and months to the shelf life. Frosted cupcakes are an interesting example of something that can even benefit from being consumed cold. Pies, bread, muffins and cookies are all frozen food temperature friendly.

Baking Supplies
The next item on the list for frozen food delivery is baking supplies in keeping with the theme of the previous entry. When we talk about baking supplies, it includes baking chocolate, nuts, sugar and even flour. While it’s not necessary to freeze sugar or flour, the former benefits from more shelf space for you and keeping ants away while the latter benefits from prevention of spoilage by particularly hot and humid days. In this way the safety of your food is ensured and frozen tight. Chocolate also tends to taste fresher after awhile from a fridge than it would off a shelf.

Dairy Products
We do keep the final item in a fridge, but did you know you can actually freeze dairy products to keep them for up to six months? You can often pinch a few pennies by buying dairy in bulk before freezing them. Some of the top dairy brands rely on frozen food sales so why can’t it be good enough for home use. Cheese can be frozen but be sure to slice or shred it before you do or it risks crumbling during the defrosting process. Yoghurt actually benefits from being frozen; ever heard of frozen yoghurt – it’s delicious. Overall many other items of food you’d never think of can benefit from being frozen and don’t believe that old myth about frozen food being less nutritious because the reverse is often more accurate.

Eugene Calvini has learnt much from his experience with temperature controlled transport in relation to food and enjoys sharing that experience with readers worldwide.

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