Thursday, September 15, 2011

Music & Arts

As we (sadly) say goodbye to summer and turn our attention to the back-to-school season, making sure the kids are well equipped with all of their educational needs is top of mind.  One thing that should be added to that list if it isn’t already is music.  Music and the exposure to playing an instrument have proven to be a positive developmental tool for kids of all ages – starting as early as preschool years.  Music expert Stacey Osborn of Music & Arts shares advice and tips on how to get your child involved in the music arts at any age:

·         The Preschool Years
Exposure to music has been shown to make an impact on a child’s abilities early on, showing that regular piano or keyboard lessons strengthen even a preschooler’s spatial-temporal IQ scores, which could indicate a boost for some types of mathematical reasoning. However, the exposure and participation doesn’t need to be formal – it can be as simple as listening to different kinds of music in the car, attending child-oriented musical performances and child-focused community center events, or sampling instruments to experiment with sounds and tones.

·         The Primary School Years
Music instruction can help build confidence and skills during formative Primary school years. A National Arts Education Research Center study found that elementary school students who participated in arts programs demonstrated greater self-esteem and cognitive skills. For children headed to elementary school this fall, many will have the chance to select a band or orchestra instrument for the first time. A great way to help them decide which instrument is best is by utilizing a music store, such as Music & Arts, which offers instrument rentals, an economical way to “try before you buy” to ensure learning longevity and enthusiasm.  

**  PLEASE NOTE:  I have never used this company so I cannot vouch for its reliability nor product quality...if anyone has had the opportunity to work with this company, please share your words with us all~!!  However, I believe what they share with the reader to be true...ALL children should be able to express themselves creatively~!!   **