Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beyond The Sold Sign by Julie Wilson

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Beyond The Sold Sign is a Canadian Real Estate Planning Guide for Seniors.

Julie Wilson has been a licensed Real Estate Sales Representative for over 25 years.  Her compassion and her intuitive ability to listen to her clients' needs has helped thousands of families of all ages to find EXACTLY the right home.

Julie is known for her volunteering roles as well as providing workshops, talks, seminars all striving to bring awareness to others about the buying and selling of real estate.

As a result of Julie's abilities, she has come to realize that the decision for the elderly to move from their family homes is not an easy choice to make.  She realizes that families AND professionals working with older adults would benefit from a planning guide which would help recognize their individual needs and desires and have their decision based on solid and informative data.

The goal of this planner is help anyone that needs assistance in making that final decision in regards to moving as well as reducing the stress involved with the decisions. 

This 132 paged, spiral bound book has eight chapters which include:

I Can't Sell My House!

This chapter approaches the reasons whether a person should or shouldn't sell their home and making the correct choices about such a decision.

There are personal surveys with important questions you must ask yourself and to help you incorporate the results into your decision making.

As well there are pro and con charts to help you weigh your choices and to help you make the right decision for you!

Even Though You're in Charge, Let the Professionals Help!

 This chapter discusses the common fears involved with relinquishing control to others and offers suggestions to help in your decision making processes.

You are encouraged to do your own research and there are examples on how you can accomplish this.  There are different scenarios discussed in which a person may have to move and the outcome of each situation.

What Kind of Retirement Lifestyle Do You Want?

Information shared discusses the different types of retirements and which is best for you with questions to help aid your future plans.

Included are the different types of housing choices as well as discussing ways in which you can keep your home if you are NOT in the market to sell but are lacking resources; there are many ideas mentioned to garner some capital.

Do You Want The Government To Get All Your Money?
This chapter discusses the importance of estate and will planning.

Also discussed are the reasons why it is important to have all your affairs in order and offers insight about taxes after death and ways in which you can reduce them.

Housing Options and Planning

In this chapter the author discusses the aspects of retirement homes and the questions one should ask themselves when deciding that route.

Also shared are the different strategies of tax specialists and title insurance to help protect your assets and make sure are on the right track to aligning your affairs in their proper order.

Get Ready; Get Set; Companies Coming!
You will find references on how to get your home ready for evaluations by inspectors in order to properly evaluate your house and/or property.  Checklists are given to help you figure out which steps to take in case you have to do any major repairs.

Ideas are shared about the best ways in which to downsize your life to fit or meet the new journey you and/or your loved ones are about to begin.

It's Show Time!  Get Your Home SOLD

Included are the different characteristics in sales representatives; the Code of Ethics that a real estate agent is to adhere and a seller questionnaire offering you the right questions to ask your agent when the time occurs.

Included are pre-market checklists to ensure you have the available information in one area for quick reference.  You're also shown the different relationships that a realtor can have with its clients and shares tips on how you can effectively sell your home.

Cherish The Memories Before, During and Beyond the Sold Sign

This chapter explains more in depth about how to downsize your life and tips on how to be successful.  Words of encouragement are shared with the reader about the changes your life will be taking and tips on how to handle the new life you are will soon embrace.

You will also find within these pages a frequently asked question section, a personal AND financial record keeping diary, note taking pages and resources relating to everything that has been considered and shared.

I found Beyond The Sold Sign to be a very thorough and informative book and not just for seniors either!!  There were many things listed that I didn't know and now will pocket that information for another time!!  I enjoyed how Julie shared with us her knowledge; you can feel her compassion as you peruse the pages.  She gives you all angles of selling your house and downsizing to an apartment or a retirement home.  I was impressed with her reasoning and honest words pertaining to selling.

I liked her ideas and tips and found it handy to have the reference charts she has listed in the book.  The check lists are there to ensure you are on the right track.  I found this book is designed to keep your focus as well your money, time and emotional management in check as you are walked through all the necessary stages needed to complete the sale of your home.

Julie Wilson doesn't come across as trying to scam you out of your life savings, in fact, this will benefit those who are worried about someone doing that to you!!  It gives you the right questions to ask and the correct answers that should be forthcoming from everyone that is involved with the handling of your home's sale!

Beyond The Sold Sign 

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