Friday, September 16, 2011

Lucas Trent: Guardian In Magic by Richard Blunt

Lucas Trent:  Guardian In Magic is a YA paranormal fiction.

Lucas Trent has always been attracted to magic.  He has read every book and followed every source that he is able.  On the day he finds the group of Pagan's who meet every Friday at the TimeStop Cafe, Lucas' life is about to change.

Lucas meets a group of people who become a part of his "circle".  They are loners and misfits just like Lucas and the six teenagers work together to develop and understand their own "gifts" and abilities.

Lucas has always felt like a protector and the group decides that his name will be Guardian and his speciality is defense magic.  Lucas is able to put up barriers that acts like a wall of force, stopping everything in its tracks before it can harm anyone.

Darien Stance is known as The Professor.  He is smart and analytical and begins this journey on behalf of science.  Darien is able to see the patterns of energies around him.  A feeling not unlike seeing through infra-vision glasses but weirder.

Stephanie or Airmid is a healer.  Her dream is to heal those who may need it and works to strengthen her craft and perhaps one day, she will be able to bring back the dead.

Marcus Gracer who has been named Cougar, is a sports jock.  He is able to move swift and fast and is usually in places quicker than anyone in the group.

Jasmin Kramer who introduces herself as Psycho is an empath.  She is able to manipulate those around her and although she has been doing it all her life without knowing, she'd like to be able to control her gift in order to better help others.

Cedric Mason loves the wind and is rightly named, Whirlwind.  He comes from blue blood stock which he loathes and remains aloof.  He is able to manipulate the wind and have it work for his benefit.

Angel is the groups "guide".  She is older than the rest of them and is the person who hosts the Pagan meetings in which they all met.  She wisely steers them to their destinies without offering too much information.  She encourages the group to find their own way on their own terms and whenever she was needed, she would be there.

Wolfman is a necromancer and has a group of his own.  He works to bring anarchy to the world with satanic rituals and branding.  He is being guided by Plague and its a duel between good and evil as all the people fall into their roles and guidance.

When the two groups meet, everyone must believe in themselves and their powers in order to defeat each other.  Who is Plague, Angel and Archangel?  Why do they only appear when most needed?  Why are they directing their groups to learn and exceed??  And which group will be the victor??

I thought this was a great read.  I loved how the characters learned about each of their abilities and read as they struggled to learn and experience each lesson.  I thought Lucas was a great leader who offered wise words to his friends.  I thought each of the characters was believable in their thoughts and actions.

I loved reading about the magic and the wisdom it entails.  I enjoyed reading about how one is to believe in themselves and that magic is all around us.  The message about everything being connected was a great one to share with readers.

I wasn't impressed with the lack of back story on the characters.  We really only see the book from the point of view of Lucas and I would've loved to have seen more about the other characters, other than a few reference remarks here and there.  I would've liked to have learned more about Angel and Archangel as well as Plague; who, by the way, wasn't even introduced to near the end of the story.  I think giving a point of view from Wolfman would have been beneficial also.

I thought the descriptive passages were great but there were issues with time.  It's not explained very well in a few instances and you have to stop your flow in reading to backtrack a few times. 

I would give this a four out of five stars, for the reasons listed above.  I also thought that the books cover doesn't do the book any justice, it just doesn't make much of a statement.  This was a quick read, you won't really want to put the book down as you watch the group learn their magical ways.

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