Thursday, September 15, 2011

Under A Fairy Moon by T.M. Wallace

Under A Fairy Moon is a YA fantasy novel.

Addy Marten has just moved in to her new home and is enchanted by her neighbour, Mrs. Tavishs' garden.  It is her get away place from the world until the day she sees a boy talking to Mrs. Tavish, she decides to investigate except things aren't what they appear to be any longer.

Addy is positive she is no longer in the garden next door as weird things begin to occur.  After meeting Connor, she is relieved that she won't have to traverse the garden alone.

Connor is a wealth of information; he has been "trapped" in the garden for a while and has made some observations, which he shares with Addy.  These tips save them on numerous occasions as they now must play the game that has been set before them.

After meeting a sprite name Enitua and a satyr named Braithewaite, they are even more relieved to have allies in the world of Median.  However, Enitua doesn't seem to be playing the game in Addy and Connor's advantage and the two begin to wonder whose side she is on.

The Fairy Queen Adalira is worried that the Elf King will find the moonling, Addy, and all of the fairydom will be undone.  The Queen entrusts Addy with her pendant and tells Addy that she has her own magic inside and she will find a way to save Median and Earth from being ruled and destroyed by evil.

There are many perilous journey's set before the two and time is running out.  Connor feels like he is fading and his memories of home are causing him to have severe headaches.  Don't tarry to long in the land of fey, don't eat their food, don't touch the walls and stay away from the trees, these are but a few of the lessons that Connor and Addy learn along the way.  But will it be enough to save them and return them to their own time or will they be doomed to become shadows of their former selves and allow the evil Elf King to take over the realms?

I truly enjoyed this book!  I loved its pace, the plot and the characters involved.  I thought Addy and Connor made a great team and the mysteries surrounding Enitua was perfect, you never knew if you could trust her or not!  The wisdom and kindness of Braithewaite was endearing to read and you just knew when he was around things would work out for the best.

I loved the descriptions of the forests and settings that the two found themselves in.  The witch, Uthrace, involvement was great in building up suspense  within the pages and her minion, Dubhan was creepy and well placed in the plot.

I thought the ending was a bit flat but it doesn't bring the enjoyment of the book down, I had just wished for a more exciting ending than the one given.  After all the suspense and the journey to get to that point, it just left me wishing there had been more substance given to the ending.  All in all though, a very enjoyable book that would be enjoyed by any who like a good fantasy with fairies and forest fey thrown in.

Addy Marten sets out to explore her new neighbour's beautiful garden, and especially the rows of mysterious stone statues that she has glimpsed through her bedroom window. Instead of the enticing hideaway she has imagined, however, she finds herself trapped in the Median Realms, and an unwilling pawn in a game of Fairy Chess. She must use all her courage and wits to win the game and free herself from malicious fairy creatures and their twisted fairy-tale world.

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