Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dressup Me

I just happened upon a really cute site that allows you to dress up online dolls...I was looking for Hallowe'en related things and came across Dressup Me's Costumes For Hallowe'en.

AND another one at...
They have several kewl online free flash games!!!

They are FANTASTIC~!!  
They are FREE~!!

I've bookmarked these two places and placed it in my daughter's folder...she is going to FREAK over this find!!

Dressup Me not only has dress up dolls but they also have games that include makeovers, hair, face etc.  There are a few downers...some of the dolls outfits are a hodge podge and they're not easy to locate or visualize!  And there are kissing games that aren't very appealing looking...I wouldn't recommend it for younger viewers!

Everything for your li'l Diva to practice!!