Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DVD Review: Savage (2009)

Savage is a Sci-Fi Horror Thriller.

As a blazing fire rips through Bear Valley National Park it is leaving the animals running for their lives and some animals you are better left not knowing about.

The movie starts with a group of firefighters combating the flames when they are mysteriously killed.  Park Ranger, Owen Fremont (Tony Becker), is a retired police officer from the big city who has moved his pregnant wife, Ellen (Lisa Wilcox) to the country to get away from big city crime.  He is called to investigate the disappearances of the firemen, what he finds, isn't what he had bargained for.

Dale Davis (Shane Callahan) is a nerdy scientist who has hired Jack Lund (Martin Kove) to help him with his research and find Bigfoot.  Jack has had a previous run-in with the legend and has been tracking it his whole life.  Along the way, the two happen across Gabrielle Hanley (Anna Enger) and her husband who are planning on poaching in the area.  However, before they are able to break the law, Bigfoot makes supper out of her husband and the three are now running for their lives as Bigfoot has them in his scent and isn't about to let them escape.

When Bigfoot finds his way to the Fremont's house, things really begin to heat up and everyone is fighting for their survival against the odds laid before them.

Director, Jordan Blum, has created, via a modest budget, a movie about the legendary, Bigfoot.  Bigfoot, played by Jack Harrison, was remarkable in his role.  The costume was exceptional, the red eyes were the only source of the outfit that I disagreed with, it gave the overall appearance an almost amateurish look.  Nevertheless, the fur, the creature's size and its vocal patterns are what I would have expected from a Bigfoot creature.

I thought the acting was satisfactory and the plot was credible from beginning to end.  I really enjoyed the acting of Martin Kove and thought he added the right ambiance to the movie.  I had to disagree with the newly wed couples reasons for being in the woods, I thought it was a bit forced and unconvincing that two folks who just robbed a bank, botched it, would find themselves in the woods hunting bears for profit.  I had troubles buying into that reasoning, but it doesn't effect the movie's outcome.

If you like Bigfoot movies, then I am sure you will enjoy this one, it is being compared to Abomination and if you liked that flick, then this one will surely please your horror thriller side.

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