Friday, September 2, 2011

IFAW Saves Animals Around The World This Week~!!

This week the IFAW has been REALLY busy saving our animal brother and sisters all over our world~!!

IFAW sent a trained water rescue team to New York to help with the fresh flooding after river levels rose dramatically after Hurricane Irene. 
Using a 36-foot rescue trailer carrying boats, dog crates, capture equipment and other supplies, our team is ready to begin its hard work as we address incoming reports of horses needing immediate rescue and a large number of pets in need of evacuation.

Zoo animals are often the first to be neglected when cities come to a halt because of a human-made or natural disaster. 

Such is the case in Tripoli, Libya, where reports of zoo animals lacking food and water have made their way to our offices following the country's political unrest.

Some keepers have returned to the zoo and the animals are getting some food but it appears water is desperately needed. Since last week, IFAW has been in close communication with our contacts in the Middle East in order to lend a lifesaving hand.

IFAW's Marine Mammal Rescue and Research team made history as we successfully rescued and released 11 common dolphins who washed ashore on a 500-foot stretch of Cape Cod beach. 

 This the largest single release on record for the team.

Help SAVE the Animals in Crisis~!!