Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kabongo ~ Online Reading Games For Kids

Explore GoGo Kabongo's world of free online learning games, where surprises hide around every corner and skating is a way of life!

Play Challenging Learning Games:
Fun, educational children’s games will build confidence and stay challenging with auto-leveling games that advance at your child's pace. Discover three different games in each habitat, each with six levels.

Solve Exciting Mini-Quests:

As kids play our reading games online, they will go on boundless mini-quests for fun-loving characters they'll meet along the way.

Explore Fantastical Habitats:

Your child will discover zany animated surprises as they skate through wild Kabongo habitats.

 Create Your Own Character:

Your child will become one of the Kabongo gang by customizing and playing as their own fun character. Choose your head, body and your wheels!

Decorate Your Tree House:

Your child's 'home base', the Tree House, gets filled with cool collectables they earn as they play

Make Your Own Comic Book:

With the stickers they earn by playing free online learning games, your child can create their own comic book, making stories by adding pictures and audio bubbles to customizable scenes.

 Build/Ride In Your Own Custom Skate Park:

Kids earn ramps and connectors and use them to build the skate park of their dreams.

Parent Dashboard:

Registered parents can access real-time reports on their child's in-game progress and discover more skill-building activities to try at home, and find expert articles on literacy and parenting.
Explore these reading games for kids online. Your kids will love these fun, educational games so much they won’t even know they’re learning!

 My Thoughts~!!

My children just loved hanging out at for the day~!!  They mix and matched creatures, they built skate parks (my daughter wasn't as successful with this as my son was...for some reason she just couldn't grasp the dynamics to make the skater move).  My son got a kick out of creating comics but was disappointed when he went to print it off and we were out of ink!

My grand-daughter absolutely loved the flower power character you were able to create.  She was the last child to try Kabongo and made her aunt and uncle swear they wouldn't take the flower avatar...LOL

I was a little leery at first, allowing them to play on the computer.  I've had it where they would play and then hit something wrong and next thing they weren't anywhere near their original pages and off in the internet.  However, Kabongo is able to keep the children involved with the colourful and delightful characters and settings and they never strayed once from the web site.

The kids were having so much fun, I don't think they even realized they were learning!!  Your able to look at their progress by the reports that Kabongo tracks for you!!

My son is strong in phonics and simultaneous processing and spatial learning!  My daughter is strong in visual scanning and planning and my grand-daughter seemed to excel in working memory and phonics.  It is really interesting to see what your child's strengths are when it comes to learning!!  

The only downfall I could see to the whole program is the ability to switch between users, we found that you had to do a lot of backtracking instead of clicking on something in the tree house in order to switch without too much discourse!  However, it's not enough to keep my youngsters away and they look forward to returning and playing on Kabongo again!!

Want to check out Kabongo with your own children??  I have a coupon here that will allow you to roam the web site...signing up is FREE however, if you put the code in that is found on the coupon below...your youngsters will get to access Kabongo's Premium Games also~!!

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